Diaper PinsFor new parents, the cost of baby formula can be overwhelming, especially when not qualifying for assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC. Baby formal coupons can save parents a considerable amount of money. Some, like Enfamil baby formula coupons and Similiac baby formula coupons can be printable, while others will be received in the mailbox.

Where to find baby formula coupons:

One of the most beneficial places to sign up from baby formula coupons and samples is at the OB/GYN or pediatricians office. There is usually a sign up sheet located somewhere in the office or waiting room. If you don't see any, be sure to ask. Of course, one can also register with the companies online. Many times there will be tear off pads for coupons for all sorts of goodies and related products. I recommend that if you have other expecting friends, that they sign up as well. It is possible that you can do some coupon swapping. Some coupons will not be transferable, but that doesn't mean your friend can't purchase the product and you reimburse her for it and vice versa. Some of these coupons can be worth from 5.00 to 10.00, so it is well worth the effort.

If any free subscriptions to parenting, expecting or baby magazines are available, sign up for those as well. As good as the information might be in the magazines, there is also many money saving coupons for formula, diapers and other things as well. Other locations for obtaining baby formula coupons include looking online at sites that endorse the products as well as third party coupon sites such as retailmenot.com, savings.com and couponmountain.com. These will not only sometimes have printable coupons, but there will be many comments and indicators for tips and sales to save money on buying infant formula. However, you should be warned ahead of time that not all retailers will accept printable baby formula coupons. This is because of coupon fraud. Be sure to know the source of the coupons, because many offer promises of discounts and fail to provide.

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Another coupon source that can be helpful includes coupons swaps, exchanges and even eBay. Because these are really cheap to mail, coupons can be bought for the price of someone's time and trouble on eBay, just be sure to cheap the feedback ahead of time. Joining forums of expecting and new parents can be helpful for finding deals and discounts as well. It might be a good source for organizing a coupon exchange.

Be sure to keep an eye on the expiration dates and other coupon policies. These usually include specific products and sizes. Its also very wise decision to talk about a baby's nutritional needs with a pediatrician. Avoid buying baby formula in advance, before giving birth. Many babies can experience problems with their formula. This include being allergic to the proteins or iron in the milk. It's best to wait and see what formula will agree with a baby before purchasing in bulk, which can help with the expense in addition to baby forumla coupons.