While great baby games don’t necessarily make for great baby showers, having the best baby games for baby showers can make your shower a special one. Whether you are throwing that special event for a friend, family member, or even just an acquaintance you can make it fun for all. There are a huge variety of baby games for baby showers and choosing more than one for the party will make it exciting!

Baby Shower Games To Play With Pen and Paper
There are many games that can either be printed out or that will require a pen and paper to finish. Playing one of these games is often a great addition to a couple of other more hands on options. Some common options include the mommies and babies game where you have to write down what each baby animal is called, nursery rhyme fill ins, and baby word mix ups. You can make your own versions to these games, find ones you can print off of the Internet, or you can even purchase several of them.

  • Mommies and Babies. You can have a list of mommy animals. As the list is read or if the paper is given out then the baby names need to be written down next to the mommy. Here are a couple of examples: A momma raccoon has a kit, a wolf has a pup, and a goose has a gosling. The person who gets the most baby names right wins.
  • Baby Memory Game. Have a tray full of small baby items and allow everyone to see it for 15 to 30 seconds. Then they need to write everything that they see down. The person who writes down the most things and gets them right is the winner.
  • Name Game. Pick out a name category such as names ending in “y” or “en”. Then give the ladies in the group two minutes to list off as many names in that category as possible. You can continue on for a few different categories or have a winner for the person who named the most for each category.

Measure Mommy
A more hands on game is one that will have you measuring mommy. Have each guest cut a piece of string or a take a piece of toilet paper that they think will go around the mommy’s back and measure her belly. Then have each person try their guess out on mommy, with the person getting the closest match winning a prize.

Never Say Baby
Another baby game for baby showers that is really popular and really easy is the “Never say baby” game. Make simple necklaces from yarn and diaper pins for each lady at the party. The goal is to avoid saying the word, “baby”. If someone slips up and says the word and another lady points it out then they get one of the diaper pins off of her necklace. The goal is to have the most pins at the end of the party.

Super Mommy
Set up a clothes line in the corner of one room and have a basket full of baby clothes. For this baby shower game each lady needs to hang up all of the baby clothes while holding a cordless phone to their ear and a baby doll. The lady who can do this the fastest wins.

Bobbing For Pacifiers
Instead of bobbing for apples you will want to bob for pacifiers. Using a baby bath tub fill it with water and place half a dozen or so pacifiers into it. By choosing pacifiers for 0+you can send them home with the mommy-to-be along with the tub. Each person can bob for pacifiers and the lady who gets the most wins a prize.

Crafting Shirts
Have a stack of baby t-shirts or onsies large enough so that each person at the party can decorate one. While this isn’t one of the normal baby games for baby shower, it can be a lot of fun. You will want a wide variety of fabric paints. Each person can make a special shirt for the baby!

The Diaper Changing Race
For this game you will need a baby doll, a cloth diaper, two diaper pins, and a blindfold or a pair of mittens. You will then either blindfold the women in the room one at a time or have them wear the mittens. They then have to race against the clock to change the babies diaper. The woman who can change the babies diaper fastest while wearing mittens or the blindfold is the winner.

Guess How Many
Fill a baby bottle with a large amount of small candies. You will then want to make sure that you counted how many went into the bottle. Each person can then guess how many candies are in the bottle. The winner can then be given the bottle full of candies or a prize.

Lullaby Bingo
Fill out bingo cards with different lullabies. You will then play various lullabies on CD and people will fill out their bingo cards in the standard fashion. The person who gets a bingo first wins a prize. However, you will need to check and make sure that the music that was played is really what people marked down.

Gift Registry Bingo
If a lullaby bingo isn’t something that you are interested in putting together than you may want to consider a gift registry bingo. Here you will fill the bingo cards with things from the gift registry. Then every time the mommy-to-be opens a gift the items can be marked off the bingo card. For example, the mommy-to-be opens a gift that includes a shirt and then everyone can mark the shirt off of their bingo card. The first person to get a bingo then wins a prize.

Bottle Bowling
Take 10 bottles and set them up in a triangle so the ladies of the party can go bowling. Using a soft ball have each lady try and knock down as many bottles as possible. You can play several rounds and see who gets the best score.

Baby games for baby showers are a necessary part of a great party. It’s a good idea to choose three or four different games to space out throughout the party. It is best if you choose different kinds of games as well and not just sticking to games you have to write things down for.