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Baby gender selection may be best noted in studies and practices that are based on the Shettles method (Landrum Shettles). Shettles created the book - How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby (see below for the direct link to this book), that has remained popular with couples who are interested in trying their hands at conceiving a boy or conceiving a girl.

Part of the Shettles method, in baby gender selection, was identifying and noting the differences between the male sperm (Y -sperm which is what is needed in conceiving a boy) and the female sperm (X-sperm which is needed in conceiving a girl). These become notable due to their importance and role in conceiving a girl or conceiving a boy. Below you will find just some of the notable factors and differences that come into play in Shettles method.

Y- Factors

Weaker - more fragile than X

Quicker - faster than X

Size - smaller than an X-sperm which may be part of the reason that they are faster

X - Factors

Stronger - more resilient and longer lived than Y -sperm

Slower - slow moving in comparison to the Y -sperm

Size - Larger in size compared to the male Y sperm - possibly contributed to the slower pace.

"Timing" Plays a Big Role in Baby Gender Selection

Shettles method entails a lot to do with timing from the timing of intercourse to the timing of conception. For some that may seem a strange concept "to actually be able to time when you get pregnant" but honestly with today's knowledge and technology and the step by steps provided in his book it appears something that most couples are very capable of accomplishing.

One important factor in timing is understanding and getting to know when ovulation will occur for women. It goes beyond simply knowing when it is happening and entails actually getting to know and even feel when the womans body is getting ready to ovulate. Once this step has been established and the knowledge is in place it makes a lot of the rest of the process laid out in Landrum Shettles book of choosing baby gender easier.

It may seem like it is a lot to take in but inside the book there are easy to follow guides, rules, suggestions and tips to help each couple through the process. There is also a lot of explaining which comes in handy because it helps you to understand why each step and factor is important and how it affects or could possibly affect the end result.

Getting to Know your Bodies as a Tool in Baby Gender Selection

Understanding the womans ovulation cycle is a part of getting to know your bodies and the way they function. However, there is more than merely knowing ovulation that is required in Shettles method. Other factors that are important when trying to increase your chances of conceiving a boy or conceiving a girl are:

  • Ensuring fertility in both the man and woman - this step will require tests run by a physician or fertility specialist and can also provide the couple with the mans sperm count which can be play an important role in the process.
  • Knowing how positioning during sex can affect conception and baby gender.
  • Knowing what can affect fertility: tight clothing, hot baths or tubs, heat, conditions and other factors such as diet
  • Emotional stress and health - Taking care of yourself and how it affects your bodies. Stress can cause an ungodly amount of changes to a persons body so being physically and emotionally healthy can go hand in hand.
  • Ovulation occurs monthly in women and now days there are charts, calendars, medical tests, home tests and many other ways to track when it is occurring and when it is getting close. In the Shettles method ovulation and the right timing can play a major role in whether or not a couple conceives a boy or girl.

Not a Guarantee or Exact Science

Even with all the research, science behind it and what all is known and suspected there is no guarantee in baby gender selection even with methods such as the Shettles method. There are conditions and factors that may be different in each person and or couples situation and since there is no exact science to put to use outcomes may vary from couple to couple. Even so this method has been a popular tool amongst those who have an interest in selecting the sex of their unborn child.

What these methods allow for is a chance to put couples in the drivers seat when it comes to picking and choosing baby gender. The important thing to note is that tools like the method offered up by Landrum Shettles and those offered by others are presented as a choice and an alternative option for want to be expecting parents. If deep down the desire is simply to be a parent then methods like the Shettles method - what can they hurt to try? as long as regardless of outcome and regardless of the baby's sex you merely love your child(ren) no matter what.

A baby is a precious gift and pregnancy can be a blessing that many couples are never able to experience due to factors out of their control. If you choose to conceive be ready for a whole new life full of new and exciting experiences.

Where to Get Landrum Shettles Book

How to Choose the Sex of your Baby

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby can be purchased online from several sellers including Amazon. It may also be available in large book stores as well. Through Amazon, which is the link provided, you can get a sneak peak inside the book and also compare prices between hardback, paperback and various sellers.

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