If you are expecting a future princess to join your family then you will need some baby girl room themes to get you started on the nursery. Before you purchase any nursery decorations it is best to have two things decided: your nursery color scheme and the nursery theme. Review the short list below to consider some great baby girl room themes.

1. Princess Nursery Theme

Shelf of Princess ToysCredit: Loren Javier

Disney has created a very influential group of characters from their Princess collection. When you are deciding on your baby girl room themes it is hard not to think about decorating for a princess nursery. First, decide if you will use the images that Disney has popularized. Those are certainly not the only princesses to find decorations for. It will certainly be easier to find princess nursery decorations for the Disney images since they mass-produce those toys and decorations. Once you have chosen between Disney or a more original set of princess imagery, then you can begin buying décor. If you are decorating your baby girl room theme for a Disney nursery, visit Amazon first: they will have the largest selection and the best prices. Visit Etsy for baby girl nursery decorations if you are choosing other princess images. Etsy sellers often offer more unique and customizable nursery décor images. (The above image is courtesy of Laren Javier).

2. Hello Kitty Nursery Theme

Hello Kitty LampCredit: Dinra

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular on the list of baby girl room themes. Keep in mind that most of the decorations you find for this theme will be very pink. You can decorate a Hello Kitty nursery with other colors as well, but most of the decorations you find will be loudly pink. For Hello Kitty nursery decorations that feature more toned down colors, visit handmade sites like Etsy. Those sellers can customize some of their items to feature colors you request. Also, be sure to visit eBay for this nursery theme. Hello Kitty is an aged character and you may find out-of-production items on resale sites. Of all the baby girl room themes, this may be the girliest. (The above Hello Kitty lamp image is courtesy of Dinra.)

3. Nature Nursery Theme

The nature nursery theme can also fit well in a gender-neutral nursery. Once you have chosen a color palette for your nursery, shop for decorations that feature those colors. Also, as suggested earlier in this article, visit handmade sites where sellers can offer you custom color choices. There are many spectacular wall stickers for a nature themed nursery that can feature any colors you want. When considering all the baby girl room themes, this may be the one that requires the most hunting for those ‘just right’ decorations.

4. Patterned Nursery Theme

A patterned nursery theme simply refers to a decorating scheme that relies heavily on a well-chosen color palette and a tasteful set of patterns. Visit the Colour Lovers website and use their free tools to generate a great nursery color palette for girls. You can also create your own patterns on that site. Of all the baby girl room themes, this one requires the most customization. Keep in mind that you can also order prints of the patterns you create from the Colour Lovers website. These can serve as a great base for this girl’s nursery theme.

5. Animal Nursery Theme

Nature Nursery DecorCredit: elsdadada

The animal nursery theme can also be considered gender-neutral. Since it is such a common nursery theme, you can choose from a wide variety of decorations. This might not seem like it belongs on the list of baby girl room themes, but there are many different nature themed images that are soft in appearance and feature feminine colors. Search handmade sites to find custom made images for the nature themed nursery. Be sure to use your nursery color palette when purchasing decorations for this theme. There are so many animal nursery decorations out there that it is important to only buy within your color palette. (Animal nursery image by elsdadada.)

Use this list of baby girl room themes to get you started decorating your nursery.