Ask any parent why their energy bill was particularly high in a given month, and their answer will probably be the same: Their kids are always leaving the lights on, or refusing to completely turn off the tap after they use the faucet. If your little ones have been contributing to your higher-than-normal energy bills, there are some tricks you can use to teach them how to be more eco-conscious when it comes to their energy use. Here is how you can get started on raising eco-friendly kids.

Change Your Approach - When a kid leaves a light on after leaving a room, most parents yell at them not for wasting energy unnecessarily, but rather for wasting their money. If you want to yield better results with your kids, change your approach in how you correct energy-wasting behaviour. Kids don’t really understand money, viewing it less as something that their parents have to work hard to obtain, and more as something that seems to just come to their family. However, kids do understand that negative actions have negative consequences. Explain to them that wasting energy is bad for the planet, and that their actions hurt the environment - as in, animals, flowers, plants and trees. With that mindset, kids will take the initiative to be more conscientious of wasted energy, and parents will enjoy the lower bills.

Educational Fun - For fun family activities and outings, look for opportunities to educate your kids about green-living and helping the environment. There are many greenhouses, museums, and family classes designed to help you raise green kids, and it is a great way to turn family fun time into a learning opportunity. What your kids learn they will be able to take home with them, and implementing energy-efficient habits and practices as home will become even easier.

Monitor Energy Use - While it’s a great idea to teach kids how to be eco-conscious on their own, sometimes parents have to step in and take action on their own. Monitor your kids' energy usage, taking steps to end long showers and make sure that your children don’t make a habit of having several electronics going at once. Your kids may put up a fight when you insist on television or computer and not both, but eventually they will get used to the idea of only using one or the other.

Raising eco-friendly kids isn’t easy, but with these tricks, you can start your kids on the path of green living. Remember, you aren’t just doing this to cut down on your gas and electricity bills, even if that seems like the most attractive reason to implement these practices in your home. Rather, the point of all of this should be to teach your kids that the earth’s resources aren’t unlimited, and being conscious of your personal energy usage is the most important part of being a green citizen in our eco community.