Halloween can be a lot of fun for children and grown ups alike. The various costumes that are available today are so life like and believable. But nothing is cuter than a baby dressed up in one of the various outfits found among retailers today. Babies are precious anyways but adding a costume just makes them even more irresistible. Here are some suggestions for some great baby Halloween costumes.

Little Lion

Your baby will resemble an Anne Geddes picture in the little lion costume. Seeing their cute little face as it pokes though the lion's "mane" is simply irresistible. A lion's tail pokes out the back that seems to draw a smile from everyone that sees the costume. The soft booties come in handy to keep the baby's feet covered and to make the outfit complete.

Little Monkey

Some people jokingly refer to their child as their little monkey. With these baby Halloween costumes that comment can become a reality! The ears on the hood look like real monkey ears and the tail is just precious for little babies to play with.

Little Flower

For people that have a little girl and they want to make a picture that will be cherished for years to come, there is nothing sweeter than a little flower costume. Your baby's face will be the center of the flower as the petals poke out all around. The body of the suit resembles the stem with small leaves in various places. With bright colors and a satin like look, these baby Halloween costumes remind us that babies are a little gift from heaven.

Little Devil

Halloween is not complete without one or two devils running about. This costume will have your little darling capturing everyone's attention as the cutest devil on the block. With little devil horns on the head and a forked tail this outfit actually makes the old demon kind of cute to look at.

Little Poodle

For the folks that want to combine their love of dogs with their love for their kids there is a wonderful poodle outfit. The traditional poodle haircut with little rings of fur around the ankles and wrists, along with the ball of hair on the end of the tail, make this a eye pleasing little outfit. The hood has the pretty ears and "lion mane" cut that makes poodles so cute and unique.

Regardless of what you choose, dressing up your child in an adorable baby Halloween costume can be a lot of fun. The extra attention and all the smiles the baby will get are sure to add to their excitement. And the photo opportunities that present themselves will seem to be endless. Just don't let them eat too much candy. We don't want them turning into a real monster, do we?

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