Parents, especially first time ones, naturally want to preserve every possible memory of their newborn babies. They have baby shoes preserved, take thousands of pictures, and may make casts of their babies feet or hands.

Many people choose to do a wide variety of things to preserve memories of their tiny babies. Many parents who want to preserve memories of their babies find themselves considering baby handprint kits.

These kits generally contain plaster of Paris, some decorative elements, and instructions for making a print of baby’s tiny hands or feet. You mix up the plaster of Paris according to the directions, press baby’s hands or feet into the plaster, then decorate however you wish and let it dry for a set amount of time.

Parents who are on a budget or who have limited time often wonder if baby handprint kits are worth the expense. They may or may not want to preserve this aspect of their baby’s life, and wonder if there are easier or less messy ways to accomplish the same thing.

At the same time, many people give baby handprint kits as baby shower gifts and parents sometimes feel guilty for not using them. Overall, baby handprint kits can be a fun way to preserve memories of your newborn baby.

They can be a fun project to do and most kits include everything that you need to complete a handprint kit. In many cases these make excellent gifts for new grandparents or godparents.

For the do it yourselfers, it is important to note that the elements of a baby handprint kit are fairly basic. They typically include a small amount of plaster of Paris, some paint or decorative elements, and instructions for completing the project.

People who are interested in doing it themselves or doing multiple prints can purchase most of the materials separately for a lower overall cost than purchasing the kit. If you are looking for unique ways to customize baby handprint kits, there are some very detailed instructions available online.

Simply searching for the term “baby handprint project” will provide you with more creative and fascinating ideas than you could ever use. These detailed instructions make it even easier for the person who purchases materials separately instead of purchasing a handprint kit.

For people who want to do something different from a baby handprint kit, there are simpler and more durable ways to accomplish the goal of preserving the memory of your baby’s tiny hands and feet.

Instead of using plaster of Paris you can use an inkpad and paper to make a “stamp” of your baby’s hands and feet. These are easy to duplicate and make excellent framed gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else wanting a memory of the new baby.

Overall, baby handprint kits are an excellent way to preserve memories of your tiny little one before he or she grows. These can be a fun project and make excellent gifts for important people in your baby’s life.

There are many different ways to customize these handprints in order to make a precious keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.