Baby Headbands

Caring for your child isn't all about dirty diapers and temper tantrums. Most of the time it is a fulfilling experience filled with love. I don't think any mother would deny, when your baby looks good, you feel good. One of the more creative ways you can accessorize your baby's style is with a well crafted baby headband.

With a little creativity you can turn any ordinary baby outfit around with a baby headband. It is a great way to create a unique style for your baby. All the other mom's will love it and they will be secretly envious of your Baby Headbandsbaby's stand out looks. While a simple headband may transform your baby's style, you may want to think creatively when it comes to choosing the right baby accessory.

Types of baby headbands

You can generally find a headband that falls into one of three categories. There are floral headbands, animal headbands, and headbands with a bow. The cool part about them is, you don't necessarily need to find the right one on a shelf somewhere. If you want to turn it into a fun crafts project, you can. Be cautious who you tell about the headbands you make though. Once someone see's how awesome it looks, they'll may bother you to make one for their child too.

Where can you buy headbands?

If you're the crafty type, you can make your own. While you are welcome to try making your own from scratch, you don't have to. There are a lot of different places on the web that sell knit and crochet kits for baby headbands. Annies Attic is one place where you can purchase a Knit and Crotchet Baby Headband kit for $6.99.

Of course you could always find them at the worlds largest online retailer, Amazon. They have a wide selection of baby headbands. You should be able to find at least a few headbands to add that touch of cuteness.

How to make your own baby headband?

If you aren't afraid of a little needle and thread, you probably want to know how you can make your own baby headband from scratch. The easiest way to make your own is actually quite simple. Go to the fabric store and purchase a piece of elastic. Measure the circumference of your baby's head. Then cut a piece of elastic slightly longer, in order to leave slack. This will ensure your baby will be comfortable wearing the head band.

Next, make a loop by sewing each end of the elastic together. Find a pleasant flower, or bow and attach it to the elastic with a dab of hot glue. I found you can typically make your own baby headband this way for less than a couple dollars.

What types of material can you use?

Elastic is the go to material for a baby headband. It is the easiest to find and the least expensive. If you want to add more style, you can consider using a cotton/elastic combination material. You can find it in most fabric stores, and it usually comes in a variety of styles. Of course you can get creative and coordinate what you attach to the headband with the style fabric you select.

Where can I buy ready made headbands?

Of course, we aren't all the do it yourself type, and thats ok. If you want to buy one, or a bunch already made, you can find them online or at most baby clothing stores. A great place to find them online is They have a wide variety of ready made baby headbands that can be shipped right to your door step.

If you're headed out to the store and want to pick one up, I would suggest making Baby's R Us your first stop. You probably already knew that, but the number one baby retailer regularly has a variety of headbands you can buy and set on top of your baby's forehead tonight.

There is something about a baby headband that puts the finishing touches on an already adorable baby. Capture that moment in a photo and you may have that signature baby picture they end up showing to their grand kids years down the road.

Piecing together an outfit that includes a headband will not only make other mothers marvel at how lovely your child looks. You'll feel great knowing your baby is dressed the best way you know possible.