It is very important to every mother that they know that their unborn child is going well and healthy. There are many pregnant women out there that have a lot of worries about their child before it is born, and it is all warranted. This is especially the case for mothers that have had previous problems, such as miscarriages or other serious problems during or with pregnancy. A baby heartbeat monitor allows a mother to listen to their own babies heart beating, and know that they are safe and well and even track their development against the norms. In the very early weeks of pregnancy you really can't feel anything in your stomach and this may be of some concern to some women. You can listen to a baby's heartbeat after about 5 weeks in and this for many mothers gives them peace of mind. They are able to hear their babies heart beating and know that they are ok and well on their way to a healthy birth. Due to a lot of medical advances this has been made possible, and if you think you need too, you should make full use of this technology. These monitors have grown exponentially in popularity and are now being used by a lot of mothers around the world. For mothers that are at high risk this is truly a useful product that you should consider looking at buying. It is a great way for any woman to relieve the worries that they might be experiencing. You don't have to be a high risk to be worried either; many first time mothers are very concerned, as they don't know really what is going on. You can help this risk and really cut down on a lot of stress by using a fetal Doppler. Baby heartbeat monitors are known as fetal dopplers as well, and they are named this way because of the way they work. It is based on the Doppler effect. It measures the change of waves frequency and converts that into a sound that is audible to the human ear. It works exactly like an ultrasound and is the same sound you hear when you are listening to it at the doctors. This is really important because it may help you detect a lot of problems that you could have, diseases and infections, are quite common and by monitoring your baby you know that they are happy and healthy. You will be able to find a baby heartbeat monitor that suits you.