Making sure that your baby is safe is very important for expectant mothers. A baby heartbeat monitor is one of the devices that can help to accomplish this. Baby heartbeat monitors are mini devices that measure the rate of heartbeats for babies still in the womb.

These monitors work by bouncing a signal off of the baby and that signal comes back as a reading. The use of Doppler technology helps to make this possible. This is why baby heart monitors are also called a fetal Doppler.

Listening to the heart of an unborn baby is a step in monitoring the pregnancy and making sure that things are turning out right for the child and the mother. This device is used by applying ultrasound gel to the expecting mother's stomach. Once the gel is applied you can firmly place the head of the device against the belly and slowly move it around until the heartbeat can be picked up. Once you get the heartbeat of the child you can then check to see if the child is doing well according to the standards that are set forth by the medical field.

Many baby heart monitors can be connected to a computer in order to record the results of the readings. Sounds can be downloaded and listened to. You can also print out ultra sound like pictures as well. Some baby heartbeat monitors come with a built is self recording device. This way you won't have to hook them up to a computer. By having the computer capability the baby heartbeat monitor can be used in various ways in order to monitor the safety and well being of your child. Keep in mind to that this type of baby device is a small ultrasound like piece of equipment. There is usually a fetal Doppler, a probe, and some gel with a battery that is included.

Most of the heartbeat devices are ergonomically designed so that they can be readily used by expectant mothers with little or not problems. These devices are safe and many doctor offices are now starting to use the smaller type of devices as opposed to the more traditional kind found in doctor offices. The devices are also FDA approved and that means they are safe and they won't send out any kind of harmful signals that could hurt the mother or the unborn child. The devices also come in different frequencies and have different functions that can help to make using it a lot more convenient. Depending on what you want from the device you can look at the pictures and listen to the sound or just listen to the sounds alone without any photos at all.

Baby heart monitors are good devices for expectant mothers and they can help to add that extra touch of security with bringing a newborn child into the world With all of the modern technology making things easier for us all a baby heartbeat monitor is surely one of those things that mothers all over will benefit from greatly.