embroidered baby blanket

Most of times when you think of baby keepsake gifts, you think of all the personalized gifts that sit on the shelf, often times just collecting dust. From baby plates to bronzed booties, parents have used them to immortalize their little ones for posterity. And, who can blame them? Newborn babies are so adorably cute and cuddly, so innocent and trusting, and just full of unconditional love. You wish they could stay babies forever. But, since they can't-keepsake gifts help parents hold on to this very special time.

However, keepsake gifts don't have to just be dust collectors. There are plenty of keepsake baby items that can be personalized and used in their everyday life. You'll treasure them just the same-and even more so because they have participated in your little one's life journey. So, if you're looking for a more useful baby gift with longevity, consider these personalized baby gifts.

Baby blankets: Baby blankets are a must for any newborn. Keeping them safe, warm and protected during nap time or using it as a comfy mat to play on, there are a 1,001 uses for a baby blanket. Taking it along everywhere your child goes, it will undoubtedly be something your baby will truly cherish. So, why not make it extra special by adding his or her name? The gift of personalized baby blankets lets the world know that this blankie belongs to someone special. And, every time you look at it after your child is all grown up, you'll think about how cute he or she looked carrying it around.

personalized baby blanketbutterscotch baby blanket

Lovies: A forever friend that is always there to comfort, play or just be near, lovies know how to share the love. Similar to a blanket, these snuggly companions have plenty of personality. Typically, they feature an animal's head with the mini blanket attached as the body. It's the perfect place to embroider your child's name in the corner, quickly turning it into take-along keepsake.

Patches puppy lovie

Wagons: Much more than a toy, wagons can be a wonderful place to store other toys and games, accent your child's room décor until he or she is old enough to actually play with it, and of course, they're a great way to transport things and even pets. With so many opportunities for creative use, it stands to reason that this would be an excellent item to personalize as a keepsake.

baby welcome wagonTwin welcome wagon baby gift

Stools and Chairs: Your little one will be a step ahead of the rest with a personalized step stool or chair. Helpful in all sorts of situations, you'll remember it as the place where he learned to tie his shoes or where she sat when you combed her hair. It might even be the chair she hands down to her own child as a keepsake.

butterfly rockerpersonalized wooden chairs

All of these baby gifts can be near and dear to one's heart. And, because they're personalized and filled with so many precious memories, you won't want to give them away after your child has outgrown them. Once baby has played with them, slept with them, and dragged them all over town, they'll be even more endearing because of the memories made from time with your little one. These will be the gifts that you hold dear and think…"I remember when…"