The baby lamb costume is a favorite of many families. There are any things to like about it. It is cute, fuzzy, and is suitable for both boys and girls. One reason that it is so popular is that it can be used at different times of the year. Some people like to use it for dressing up their babies for Halloween. Others know that a lamb outfit is perfect for spring and looks great for Easter photos. Of course, babies grow pretty quickly so you might not be able to use it for both. But it makes a great hand-me-down and has more of a resale value than other baby Halloween costumes.

Pink Baby Lamb Costume

IGirl Lamb Costumef you have a baby girl, you'll love the Lucky Lil' Lamb outfit made by Rubies Costume Co. It is available in three sizes, from zero to six months, from six to twelve months, and from twelve to eighteen months. Prices vary, but are usually in the $20-$30 range.

The main part of this baby lamb costume is a jumpsuit that is made from and chenille and flannel. It is tan in color but you know it is made especially for a little girl because it has a pink gingham print on it and pink satin bows. It also has a headpiece to match with soft and floppy ears. This is a costume that everyone will ooh and ahh over.

This is a convenient outfit for the parents. It has snaps for easy diaper changes. If going outside in colder weather, be sure to put a long sleeve shirt and tights under the outfit so that your baby can stay warm.

Blue Baby Lamb Costume

Boy Lamb CostumeDon't think lamb costumes are only for girls. The infant lamb costume made by Lil Characters is perfect for any little boy. It also comes in three sizes, from six to twelve months, twelve to eighteen months, and eighteen to twenty-four months. So it is good for both babies and toddlers.

This has three pieces. There is the off-white jumpsuit with the light pink belly and big blue bow. There are the booties which are only for indoor use. They slip on and have skid-resistant bottoms. Then there is the hood with the cute ears on the side. The zippered bodysuit is lined. There are snaps on the legs for quick diaper changes.

This polyester outfit is high quality and does cost more than most baby costumes currently on the market. It runs between $45-$50. It can be machine washed so you should be able to get several uses out of it and pass it down to family members and friends.

This is a good costume choice if you want a matching family. An older sister can go as Little Bo Peep. An older brother might go as a sheep or a shepherd. If you have twins, they can both be sheep. Of course, mom and dad can always go as Little Bo Peep and a shepherd.

In addition to the baby lamb costume, you might also want to consider the baby monkey costume, the baby shark costume, or the baby lobster costume.