Parents who are searching for a funny idea for Halloween should consider a baby lobster costume. So many Halloween costumes for babies are cute but bland. The bright red lobster costume will stand out and make people laugh. And even though it is mostly funny, it is still adorable. There are a few different companies that make nice lobster costumes for babies.

Mullins Square Lobster Baby Costume

Infant Lobster CostumeFor infants, the Mullins Square baby lobster costume is a good pick. It comes in one size that fits up to twenty-five pounds. The bottom is elastic so it stretches to fit. It is made from polyester satin. It has lobster claws attached to the arms so that it looks like your baby is waving his claws. There is also the lobster tail. The hood is quite nice, with antenna and googly eyes.

If you do choose this outfit, make sure that your baby has a red or orange outfit to wear underneath it. It doesn't come with any tights. It costs about $25, so it is a good deal if you are looking for an affordable outfit this Halloween. It is decent quality; about what you would expect in a costume.

Bigger Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster CostumeOlder babies shouldn't miss out on the fun. Fortunately there is an outfit out there just for children who are twelve to eighteen months old. It is a hooded overall with a zipper in the front. The footies are nonslip, but should only be worn indoors.

Like the one from Mullins Square, this one is bright red and orange. It has a couple of legs out to the side so it looks great when your child is crawling. It included perky antennas and the googly eyes are also on stems so it really stands out. Be prepared to spend $40-$50 for this outfit.

Make One at Home

It's definitely more convenient to get a store-bought outfit, but it isn't too difficult to make a lobster costume at home. The main thing you need is a simple red outfit. For contrast, attach some orange felt on the stomach. Stuff some red socks or other material and attach to the side for the extra legs. Get a red or orange hat and attach eyes and antenna.

It will take some time to make a baby lobster costume at home, but it can be fun if you enjoy sewing and creating. Depending on what materials you have around the house, this can be the cheapest option. But if you have to buy everything this could end up costing more than a store-bought outfit.

Ideas for the Rest of the Family

Of course, everyone, including the dog, could dress up the same and you can be a lobster family, but this isn't the only option. Dad can dress up as a chef and carry the baby around in a pot. While weird, people will find this very funny. Mom or an older sister could dress up as Aerial or in a generic mermaid costume.

If you still aren't sold on a baby lobster costume, there are many other choices for Halloween. Baby lamb costumes are good for both boys and girls. Shark costumes for babies are a big hit this year. And there are few things as cute as a baby monkey costume.