In to days fast paced society that we live in, many obstacles come with juggling family life and work, especially with a new baby in the house. In many instances parents find it difficult to manage their efforts of doing chores while watching the baby. That's why baby monitors can play a major role in the safety of your child Lets face facts, no one can be at two places at the same time, and it has been a major problem of parents who are productive around the house, and even hold down a work from home job or business. But, more importantly want to prioritize their child’s safety. Baby monitors allow parents to monitor the baby’s activities while they are not inside of the nursery or are working at a distance. Nowadays, it is really difficult for any parent to be able to be by their child’s side 24/7. But by using a baby monitor you can, and it gives you complete peace of mind. You can sit back at the end of the day with a coffee (or something stronger) switch the TV on, relax and unwind and still be able to see and hear your baby in the other room.

There are three different types of baby monitors monitors. Audio, video and sensory. The audio baby monitor receives and sends sound so that the parent could hear the baby from a distance. The video monitor on the other hand works like a tiny TV. By having a camera record the baby’s movements while the parent can watch on a small screen receiver. And the sensory monitor is a movement detector that alarms the parent when it cannot perceive any movement from the child for more than 20 seconds.



Don't be mislead. Baby monitors have come a long way since the old analogue monitors of old.  With the arrival of digital technology has come a significant advancement. Digital signals have vastly improved the audio and all but eradicated the interference problems associated with the old analogue models


For many busy parents baby monitors are simply wonder gadgets. They not only allow them more time to themselves and to work, but most especially, they give them the opportunity to provide for the safety of their children even when they are not right by their side. However, with so many different types of baby monitor available in the market, new parents can find it a bit confusing as to which monitor would be the most practical and how much to spend. Also, what type of monitor should be purchased. Audio, video or sensory.

Of course this is a personal choice but sales records indicate that the video is by far the winning product. Being able to actually see your baby 24/7 give great assurance. And, as one new mother noted. Her four month son had recently started to turn onto his tummy. But was unable to turn back onto his back. This starts him crying and getting stressed. But with the video baby monitor she can be with him night and day, and is quickly there if he needs turning back 

One problem with audio systems is that the slightest sound and parents are looking in at baby. Parents can find themselves constantly running back and forth for absolutely no reason. Also, if there is a long period with no sound coming from the monitor. It can lead to parents getting concerned ans leads to more running back and forth. Since audio will only allow you to hear, you cannot be certain of what baby is up to. A video system will overcome this providing a constant video display.

The latest technology allows video baby monitors even greater benefits including, LED night vision, allowing you to see you baby even if the room is in darkness. Remote activated pan and scan functions letting you zoom in. Record functions that mean you can save photographs and footage. Multi camera devices that will allow you monitor several children/rooms at the same time. Video baby monitors come with a parent unit which is usually portable, slowing you to attach it to your belt or waistband, being hands free gives enormous benefits. Even if you are at work and baby is being looked after by nanny. You can still set your video baby monitor up so that you can see them. 
The only downside to video baby monitors is the frequency they run on. There have been reports of interference from Wi-Fi and picking up a neighbours baby on a similar frequency. One way to check out the best model for you is the baby monitor reviews section on the internet.