Baby monitors for the hearing impaired parents who care for their babies is a very important part of being a responsive parent. Baby cry monitors notify hearing impaired adults as to when their baby needs attention. Baby monitors for the hearing impaired are designed to awaken parents if their baby is crying in the middle of the night. It is perfect for alerting parents of sounds they cannot hear or if they are in another room and not able to visually see the baby. 

Being Notified When Your Baby Is Crying

There are many different types of notification devices that allow parents to monitor their babies even if they have a hearing impairment. Devices for deaf or hearing impaired people use a monitoring system that has flashing lights or a vibrating alert and some have both types of notifications. Because the hearing impaired depend more on visual cues these types of baby monitors for the hearing impaired are very necessary in daily baby care.

Baby monitors for the deaf not only monitor crying but can pick up any sounds that occur in baby’s room whether it is crying, falling, choking, animals or other people. Additionally there are video monitors that can provide you with video of the baby’s crib. Baby monitors for the deaf come in sizes that are large stationary units or ones that can be moved around easily. 

Some of these baby monitors for the deaf include are even more sophisticated. The receiver may have a built in clock that you can set for feeding times and a large vibrating rod so that you can put the receiver under your pillow at night. It will then alert you not only at feeding time but also if the baby makes a sound. 

The most sophisticated baby monitors for the deaf are not cheap, but at the end of the day you have to consider your amount of disability, your peace of mind, the baby's safety, your lifestyle and your finances. 

For example, If you are totally deaf and a housewife, who has to move around the house for much of the day cleaning, cooking and gardening, a baby monitor for the deaf with a light on it sitting on top of the TV is not really of much good to you, whereas a portable vibrating unit would be.

How to Choose Baby Monitors for the Hearing Impaired

Extra Receiver Units - If you already own a hearing impaired baby monitor system you can look for add on units that extend the range of the baby monitors for the hearing impaired. Extra receivers for the transmitter can be purchased. You also may need an additional receiver so that both parents can monitor the baby.

Portability Capabilities – You want to be able to monitor the baby from any room or area of the house. A device that is connected to a stationary lamp may not be as useful when you have to move around to different areas of the home. Some baby monitor systems for the hearing impaired have portable vibrating receivers to alert parents that are anywhere within range of the transmitter. Whether you are in the garage, the basement or in the next room you will be able to know if your baby is safe.

Sensitivity Option Settings - Some baby monitoring systems for the deaf allow for sensitivity adjustment to varying sounds. If your baby tends to coo while sleeping, the baby monitors for the hearing impaired with this feature can be adjusted to overlook any low intensity sounds. However if the user wants to be alerted for all sounds regardless of the intensity then the system can be set as such. This makes the monitor very flexible for all usages.

Frequency Channels Option – If you live in an area that has interference on channels such as cordless phones there should be an option for operating on other frequency channels. Monitors which higher frequency levels will tend to have less interference and operate over a greater distance.

Top Baby Monitors for the Hearing Impaired

  • The AlertMaster Baby Monitor by Clarity is a transmitter that provides alerts for the sounds of a crying baby. It starts working after five seconds of sound and is an ideal solution for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss. The receiver must be purchased separately.
  • The BC400 Baby Cry Signaler/Transmitter is a small unit that immediately sends out an alert when a baby cries. It has an adjustable control to accommodate for any type of sound coming from the baby whether it is soft or loud. It can be plugged into any outlet. There is an indicator light to show that the unit is working properly.
  • The Direct Connect Digital Baby Monitor manufactured by Graco works by lights and vibration. It works within a range of 2,000 feet and the hearing impaired parent can both hear and feel the cries of baby. The vibration notifies parents and you can also speak into the built in intercom in order to soothe baby. It offers great performance and the technology it is operated on is secure. Some of the added features with this unit is that it has a built in temperature control, an alarm for low battery power, an out of range alarm, a receiver unit with a clip, and works on a 900 mhz frequency. There is also a night light that be operated remotely by the parent.

Baby monitors for the hearing impaired offer assurance that baby will be safe and sound. It is very important to find a monitor that will suit your needs and provide the hearing impaired parent peace of mind in caring for baby.