A baby monkey costume is a great pick for Halloween. It is cute, funny, and good for boys and girls. There are a couple of different styles that you can choose from. No matter what you pick, take a lot of pictures this Halloween because you are going to want to remember this adorable site for years to come.

Lil Monkey Baby Costume

Lil Monkey Baby CostumeOf all of the infant monkey costumes, this one is my favorite. I think it is slightly cuter than the other ones, but not by much. It comes in small, medium, and large. The small one is for six to twelve months. The medium fits babies that are twelve to eighteen months. The large is for toddlers who are eighteen to twenty-four months.

It is made from 100% polyester and comes in three pieces: the body, the booties, and the hood. The booties should only be worn indoors. They have a skid-resistant bottom. The body is a dark fuzzy brown with a tail that curls up. The belly is a lighter brown. The hood is the same dark brown material with light brown ears that stick out and match the belly. The legs have snap closures so it is easy to change diapers.

The disadvantage is that this outfit costs more than the others. It retails for $65, but you can get it for around $40-$45 at a discount retailer such as Amazon. While it is well made and worth the price, not all parents will be able to afford to spend so much money for an outfit that the baby will soon outgrow. Of course, it can be then handed-down or sold to recoup some of the price.

Monkey See Monkey Do from Rubie's

Rubies Baby Monkey CostumeRubie's Costume Company is one of the best known costume makers for babies and children. And there is a good reason for that. Their baby monkey costume is sure to get a lot of laughs. It isn't a option for toddlers but it is good for infants. The two sizes it comes in are small for babies one to six months old and medium for six to twelve months.

The romper part is brown with a cute tail and a yellow belly. The soles have nonslip padding on them. It is the headpiece that makes the outfit. Bit ears stick out on the sides and a yellow banana is on top. The outfit is made of polyester and snaps close.

This outfit is much more affordable than the Lil Monkey Elite. You can buy this one for around $20. The materials aren't as nice, however, and you won't find it as easy to pass down or sell when your baby outgrows it.

Baby Monkey Costume Ideas

There are a lot of things you can do with baby monkey costumes. If you have twins you can dress them each up in an outfit and call one Monkey See and the other Monkey Do. Mom and Dad can go as Tarzan and Jane for Halloween. A sibling or a parent can also dress up as another monkey or maybe as a banana. There are also several different monkey costumes for dogs. This makes for a great photo opportunity.

Other Halloween costume ideas for babies include the infant shark costume, the infant lobster costume, and the baby lamb costume.