Finding a Classic, Magical Name for Your Baby

Although few parents will consider calling their child Bathsheda (after the Hogwarts teacher Bathsheda Babbling) there are many traditional baby names in the Harry Potter books.

A few classic baby names from Dumbledore's Army

Anthony (Boy): After Hogwart's prefect Anthony Goldstein (Ravenclaw). Anthony is a very popular name with a Latin origin. It means 'priceless'.

Colin (Boy): After Colin Creevey (Gryffindor) - amateur photographer. Colin means 'victor' and is of Greek origin. If you are needing a female version of Colin try Coline.

Hannah (Girl) : After Hannah Abbott (Hufflepuff). The name Hannah is of Hebrew origin and means 'grace'.

Justin (Boy): After the Muggle-born student Justin Finch-Fletchley (Hufflepuff). Justin means to be 'just or fair' and is of Latin origin. For a girl's version of this name try Justine.

Katie (Girl): After Quidditch player Katie Bell (Gryffindor). The name Katie is of Greek origin and means 'pure'.

Lee (Boy or Girl): After the Hogwarts' Quidditch commentator Lee Jordan (Gryffindor). Lee means 'meadow' and has an English origin.

Michael (Boy): After Michael Corner (Raveclaw). Michael was also the boyfriend of Ginny Weasley. The name Michael is of Hebrew origin and means 'who is like God'. The variant Michaela is a girl's name.

Susan (Girl): After Susan Bones (Hufflepuff). Yes this one is my name and no my name was not inspired by Harry Potter as I was born before the books were written). Susan is of Hebrew origin and means Lily making it a good alternative if you would like to name your baby after Harry's mother, Lily Potter, but do not like the name Lily.

Terry (Boy or Girl): After Terry Boot (Ravenclaw). If you follow the Germanic origin the name Terry means 'ruler of the people' but its Latin origin may mean 'soft' or 'tender'. 

and of course we cannot forget Harry - after Harry Potter himself. The name Harry is of Germanic origin and means 'home ruler'.

Traditional Names from the Quidditch field and other places

Alicia (Girl): After the Quidditch player Alicia Spinnet (Gryffindor). Alicia is of Germanic or French origin and means 'noble, kind'.

Darren (Boy): After the Captain of the Irish Quidditch Team - Darren O'Har. A Welsh name meaning 'hill' or 'burnt land'. 

James (Boy): After Harry Potter's father James Potter and the son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (named after his father of course). James has an English and Hebrew origin and means 'supplanter'.

John (Boy): After the Auror John Dawlish. John is of Hebrew origin and means 'god is gracious'. Girl's versions of this name include Johnelle, Johnette and Johnna.

Marcus (Boy):  After Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby. Nephew of the Wolfsbane potion inventor. It is a Latin name meaning 'from the god Mars'.

Meaghan (Girl): After Puddlemore United Quidditch Keeper Meaghan McCormac. Meaghan means 'pearl' and is of Greek origin. 

Nicolas (Boy): After the creator of the Philosopher's Stone - Nicolas Flamel. The name means 'victory of the people' and is of Greek origin.

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