One of the cutest costumes for infants is the baby pea pod costume. This is great for younger babies because it will keep them warm and cozy during the fall evening. It is great for only children, but this outfit is especially a hit for anyone who has twins or triplets. You can dress them up and say that are as alike as peas in a pod. That line is sure to get lots of laughs all evening.

Baby Pea Costume Good for Girls and Boys

Some Halloween costumes are made primarily for girls or for boys. One thing I like about this is that it is suitable for both. Both girls and boys will be adorable dressed up in it. If you are tired of color coding your child everyday, you'll find this costume a nice change. Of course you can always stick a pink or blue ribbon on it if you are going out trick or treating and you want everyone to know if your infant is a boy or a girl.

Rubies Pea Pod Costume for Infants

Pea Pod Baby CostumeOne of the best-selling versions of this is made by the famous Rubies Costume Co., who is well-known for their deluxe baby costumes. This costume costs around $20, but it can often be found a bit cheaper. It is for younger infants who are one to nine months old. Some babies in this age-range find this outfit a bit too small. Its length is 24-28 inches.

This is made of polyester fleece to keep your baby comfortable and cozy in the bunting. The fastener is also made of fabric and is located in the back. The bunting is two tones of green and it has three peas that are made of foam attached to it. There is also a headpiece with a leaf on it.

After the night is over, you'll want to wash it by hand in cold water and lay it down flat to dry. If you do this, you should be able to pass it on to another baby come next Halloween so they can have their own pea costume.

Larger Pea Pod Costume

Pea Pod Toddler CostumeThe Rubies pea in a pod costume is great for younger infants who like to be bundled up, but what if your child is a little older and a lot more mobile. That is where this pea pod costume comes in. It is made for babies who are six to twelve years old. It costs around $30.

It is a green jumpsuit with three little peas attached to the front. It also has a green headpiece with a floppy leaf on it. There are inner snaps along the legs so that diaper changing is quick and easy in this Halloween costume.

Other Costume Ideas

The baby pea in a pod costume is adorable, but there are a lot of other outfits that can be considered for this upcoming Halloween. Since this is your baby's first Halloween, you probably want to find that perfect outfit. Other ideas to consider are the baby shark costume, the baby monkey costume, the baby lobster costume, and the baby lamb costume.