Baby Picture Contest: What You Should Know

There is no doubt you think your baby is the cutest thing there is. That is probably what most parents think. There is nothing to be ashamed of for thinking you have the best thing in the world. Your baby is a reflection of who you are and if your baby is cute, you are probably not bad either. That said, when it comes to baby picture contest, will it be immoral to use your baby to earn money?

Baby picture contest: Is it immoral?

Sending your baby picture because you want to win a contest is not bad but some people might consider it immoral. That is because they feel you shouldn’t take advantage of your children or your baby. The same can be said of child actors or young girls participating in beauty contests. This is a personal decision that only the parents can take. Exploitation can be a cultural thing. In some countries, it is normal to send children under 10 to factories to earn a living. That will be considered immoral and child abuse in other countries. The reality is often not that easy to deal with (bad economic situation). You have to be in the situation to fully understand. Baby picture contest is not exploitation even if the parents are doing it for financial gains. The baby will get a new outfit (or just a kiss) if he or she wins the cash prize. If you follow what goes on in the world through the eyes of Youtube, you would have heard about the home video that went viral (Charlie bite my finger again). The parents probably cashed in on the notoriety of their upload. It is entertainment for some but others will not agree to that definition.

Cutest baby contest: You will lose

A lot of parents enter contest like the Gerber, Johnson, Gap baby contest just for the fun. Others do it because they really believe their baby picture is the cutest in the world and they deserve to win. If you enter a contest and you don’t win, what does that imply? It doesn’t mean your child isn’t cute. It just means you did not win and there is no reason to beat yourself up about losing. It is not the end of the world if you don’t win. You might be tempted to compare your child with the winner and think your child’s picture looks much better and you deserve the cash prize. That is your opinion and the jury obviously didn’t agree with you. At times, you might lose because the organizers are looking for a specific profile that year. If they are trying to market a product for African or Asian looking babies, no matter how cute your baby picture for the contest might be, you will still lose. The simple reason is because you don’t fit the profile. Another reason why you might lose is because choosing the best baby picture in a contest is very subjective. The jury members might even find it hard to explain why they prefer a baby over another.

Baby photo contest and baby model competition: Driving your kids crazy

Some parents get so worked up with winning that they let the happiness of their children suffer. If you always want your child to be the best in everything, you might end up with a child that will be depressed and rebellious. Children need to remain children and parents are there to care for their kids and not to use them to cover their own failures. Baby photo contest and baby model competition are available as a marketing tool for a lot of companies (you use them and they use you). There is nothing wrong if you don’t make winning the center of your life. That is because you will often lose and losing is part of what participating in contest is all about. The happiness of your children doesn’t depend on winning the cutest kids contest. It depends on being a good and balanced parent.