Of course babies are adorable and fun to be around, but they are also very curious and like to get into things that they aren't supposed to. It is also important that you baby proof your house so the baby doesn't get into any danger. Whether you are babysitting at your home, or have a baby of your own it is important to help keep the baby safe from the dangers in your home.

- Purchase outlet covers. For some reason babies have a tendency to stick their fingers into small places where they shouldn't. Outlets are one of those places that their fingers seem to easily find. Outlet covers keep the outlet safe so nothing can go in that isn't supposed to. Outlets are very dangerous as they could cause an electric shock.

- Use gates on stairs. Babies are very curious. If they see a unique room or a flight of stairs they are going to explore. When babies start to crawl and walk this is the time where they will be most curious.

- Gate around the oven if using. Ovens get very hot and babies can't understand what the word "hot" and "ouch" mean quite yet. Keep a gate around the oven when you are cooking so your baby can't sneak over by you.

- Pick up all things that a baby could choke on. Babies love to put everything they can find into their mouth. Whether it is the remote control on the ground or something small like a button or a marble it is important to pick everything up. A baby could easily choke on a button as they are very likely to put it into their mouths.

- Use playpen and gated areas effectively. Not only should you gate up stairs and the oven area, but you should also gate any area that you feel the baby should stay in. If you want your baby to stay in the hallway area then you can buy two gates to keep him from wandering. You can also set up a playpen in the room that you are in. Make sure that you leave the child with toys to play with so he can entertain himself.

- Vacuum and dust often. Floors get dirty very quickly, and this is a major down side as most babies spend their time on the floor. It is important to use a proper vacuum cleaner that is about to pick up all of the dust. It is also important to dust your furniture often as the baby is bound to put his mouth on it.

- Use safety measures on your cupboards, especially in the cleaning cupboard. Luckily, they make safety locks for cupboards so only adults can open them. This is a great new feature so you don't have to stand there watching your baby the whole time he is in the kitchen. If you don't have any safety locks and your cupboards have handles on them, you can use rubber bands to keep them shut tight. If you only have one safety lock, be sure to use it on the cleaning cupboard as this contains the most harmful chemicals.

- Keep all electrical wires and strings on your blinds out of reach. Babies like to chew on anything they can find on the ground. Electrical wire can electrocute a child if he is able to chew deep enough. Also, if you have strings from the blinds dangling on the ground he could easily access them and can choke or get him wrapped around them. Make sure that you tie the strings of your blinds high up so your baby can't reach them.

- Take off your tablecloth. Most likely, if you have a tablecloth hanging low your baby is going to pull on it. Unfortunately, there are usually things on the table. Knives, hot pots and pans and breakable dishes could be on top of the table. When your baby pulls on the tablecloth everything could come down with it. This could be very dangerous for your baby. It is best to just take the tablecloth off the table.
- Keep plants out of reach. Some plants are poisonous if they are put into the mouth. he best place for your plants is an area high enough so the child can't reach, or outside.

- Attach any loose and light furniture to the wall. As babies begin to stand and walk they will most likely be hanging onto furniture around the house. It could become life threatening if your baby were to pull one of the furniture items onto him. You can easily pound a nail right into the back piece of the furniture and into the wall. Bookcases and dressers are some of the most important things to keep secure.

- Keep anything breakable, dangerous or sharp out of a baby's reach. This could include your favorite glass music box, a scissors that you left on the coffee table or the kitty litter pan. Babies find ways to get into everything and this is all dangerous for them.

- Close bathroom doors. If there is a door open a baby is sure to go inside with his curious little mind. Make sure you close the bathroom door after you are done using it. This prevents the baby from getting into cleaning supplies that you may have under your bathroom sink and getting into the toilet that could have cleaner in it.

Before you bring your baby home from the hospital it is important to keep in mind all of these tips. You may wonder why you should act on these tips right away if your baby isn't even crawling yet. The reason for this is because your baby will be crawling before you know it and you will then realize you forgot to baby proof your house. Start taking safety measures while you have time now. It is also important to keep this checklist out when you are expecting a baby over for a visit. By keeping up with these tips you could save the baby from getting into anything that can be harmful.

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