Baby Room Furniture After a Miscarriage: What to do

Expecting mothers know how dangerous and delicate the first few months of pregnancy can be. Once you are past those precarious months you feel confident that you can now move on and start making plans to decorate your baby's room with furniture. Recently, Lily Allen lost her baby after 6 months of pregnancy, that can be a traumatizing experience for any expecting mother. You will imagine that the risk of miscarriage are lower after the first 3 months. That is obviously not the case. Losing your baby after a miscarriage can be a terrifying experience. The question is, what you should you do with the baby's room furniture after a miscarriage?

Baby room furniture after a miscarriage: Who should make the decision.

Most parents will have their their baby's room ready months before the child's birth. What then can be done if you have a miscarriage? There are no hard and fast rules about what to do with your baby's room furniture after a miscarriage. The way you deal with the miscarriage will have an effect on what you will do with your baby's room furniture. For example, if you have been expecting a girl before the miscarriage and your have decorated your baby's room in pink, you may decide to leave the your baby's room as is. What if your next pregnancy is a boy? Well if you do decide to try again a few months after your miscarriage, you can wait and hope to see if you will have a baby girl. However, it can also turn out to be a baby boy. That can make things a little complicated. You will have to make the final decision on what to do with your baby's room furniture after a miscarriage. Nobody should tell you what the best thing to do is. That is because there is no best decision when it comes to your baby's room furniture and miscarriage.

Baby room furniture after a miscarriage: Redecorating and giving to charity

There are parents who have decided not to try again for another baby after a miscarriage because they cannot deal with the disappointment and the heartache. It can also be that the health of the mother can be at risk after going through several miscarriages. With those facts in mind, some parents have decided to donate their baby's room furniture to charities after a miscarriage. They feel that that it will be best to help others who might need the baby room furniture. The decision to give your baby's room furniture to charity is also a personal one. Redecorating your baby's room after a miscarriage can be painful mostly if you can no longer try to have another child. Leaving the room with all the baby's furniture can bring back sad memories of the miscarriage. That is why some parents have chosen to redecorate their baby's room after a miscarriage. Redecorating the baby's room is not about forgetting about the lost child, it is more about attenuating the pain of the miscarriage.

Baby room furniture after a miscarriage: How long should you wait before making your decision?

There is no time frame to deciding what to do with your baby's room furniture after a miscarriage. The pain and your personality will have a lot to do with the timeframe. If you have friends and family to help, that might make the decision easier. The time frame you have to wait before removing your baby's room furniture will also depend on your future plans. The fact is, you will have to deal with this painful decision and you cannot hope that it will go away. If you don't want a constant remind whenever you go into your baby's room, you will be better of getting rid of the baby's furniture so that you can try to moving on.

Baby room furniture after a miscarriage: What to do if you want another baby after a miscarriage.

If you are still determined to having another baby after a miscarriage, you can opt to have a generic design for your baby's room furniture. That means you should not paint it pink or blue. That also means you will have to hold off till after the birth of your child before buying baby's room furniture. A miscarriage can happen even after 6 months of pregnancy. That is why you should only buy the strict minimum if you have a high risk of miscarriage. Once the child arrives, you can then let yourself go and buy baby room furniture that you like