Night Lights for Babies

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Baby room lighting can make a huge difference when it comes time for baby to go to sleep. You want a baby night light to be entertaining, but not so entertaining that the baby gets overly excited and doesn't want to go to sleep. The trick is to get a babies night light that is entertaining as well as soothing. As we all know it can be hard to get babies to go to sleep at times and it's not uncommon for babies and even older kids to be scared of the dark. This is another reason  why night lights for babies are so popular; they help take the baby's focus off of the scary darkness.

Taking the time to find the best baby room lighting for your baby is important. A good night's sleep for the baby is a must for us as well as the baby. If the baby doesn't sleep we don't either! Keep this in mind as you shop for your baby's night lightand you will be sure to not just settle for any old night light in the baby's room. Everyone's baby is different as far as how they respond to sounds, lights and colors. The more you know about baby's likes and dislikes the better, so that you will be able to choose a babies night light that baby will enjoy for months to come. As a result, there will be plenty of relaxing sleep filled nights for the entire family.

The only problem you may have is that the baby won't be able to get to sleep without it! The solution to this is to have a back up, so if you find the perfect babies night light be sure to get a couple of them. Don't forget to take it with you when traveling either or you might end up with a cranky baby who can't get to sleep and nobody wants that to happen.

Baby Night Lights- Types

One of the most popular babies night lights are projection night lights and with good reason, since they tend to be entertaining as well as soothing. Babies and toddlers alike are fascinated by them, so as long as the light lasts the kids will keep on be entertained. One of the best sellers on Amazon is the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Nightlight with hundreds of reviews and high ratings.

Rotating night lights for babies are similar to projection nightlights in that they move; however, they do not project onto the wall or ceiling. They simply rotate or spin and are a tad more on the decorative side in that they are similar to a table lamp.

Spinning shades are another option and are propelled by the heat of a lamp. The best thing about this type of kids night light is that there are a variety of themes to choose from. If the kids don't respond to a theme then you can switch it with ease until something tickles their fancy.

If you're a fan of Fisher Price then you'll love this one it's the Precious Plant 2 in 1 Projection Mobile. It has 216 reviews with a 4+ star rating on Amazon and it's one cool nightlight complete with sound, lights and colors. Your baby will love it no doubt about it. Fisher Price has several types of best selling baby night lights on Amazon to check out while you're there.

Then there are the scrolling or revolving type of baby night lights that consist of simple, but colorful ocean or animal scenes. The images are life like and babies tend to be mesmerized by them, especially the toddlers. I have one that the kids and I both love with tigers, giraffes, elephants, monkeys running across the plains of Africa, it's very cool.

Baby room lighting should be a mixture of entertainment and relaxation for baby and the entire family. Creating the right atmosphere is what it's all about and lighting plays a major part.

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