We don't need to say that babies are soft and delicate creatures, therefore they need special care and safety measures. Since this moment, all things in the house and also the car should be baby proofed! During the first 4 to 5 months of a baby’s life, moms and dads should deal with safety issues that would affect the baby seriously especially when the baby begins stretching his arms to reach things while he or she is still sitting down. Far more proofing will be needed when a baby begins to crawl throughout the home, wander and run everywhere.

Baby toys might seem like fun to any mom or dad, however they might also be a source of pain for both the parent and baby if they aren't used within the stated age limits. In order to maintain baby safety, the parents should make sure that all toys and games given to the baby can't harm her or him by any means. Following that, the windows, doors and any exit points within the home should be taken into account. These needs to be equipped with safety chains or even catches that can prevent the baby from opening or passing through them.

One of the most important baby safety measures is adding a stove guard or shield, that will prevent the baby from reaching the knobs over the stove. Moreover, moms and dads should always make sure that pan or pot handles are turned inwards while cooking food.

Also, stair cases could represent a great danger to babies. To make sure that baby safety is perfect inside the home. Parents should add stair gates on both sides of the stair case. These kinds of gates needs to be at the very least 30 inches high. They should also understand that babies learn through curiosity and trial.

Therefore, they'll try to put their fingers inside electric power outlets or perhaps pull power cords to find out what will happen. In order to avoid this, parents must cover all electricity outlets and also remove all cables and power cords not being used from power outlets. To stop the baby from tipping things over and tugging on the cords, make sure that the cords are placed away from him.

Additional baby safety measures include taking away plastics from a baby’s reach to decrease the risk of choking or suffocation. Keeping drugs, chemicals, candy, hot water, snacks and hazardous home devices away from the baby. Additionally, any home furniture that could simply fall must be fixed to surrounding walls. Moms and dads have to understand that no amount of proofing could replace direct supervision of the baby. Therefore, parents should be in the same place with the baby when he or she is awake.