Absolutely Free Baby Samples

Most people with babies and toddlers know that kids of any age and size aren’t cheap, so finding baby samples for free by mail do come in handy to offset expenses. Did you know that a cost of an infant from birth to one year could go as high as $11,000 dollars are more?

This cost is based on when the child comes home from the hospital. Diapers actually take up nearly 1/3 or more of that expense, followed by formula, clothes, accessories and baby furniture. So you can see getting free samples of diapers and other baby stuff can make a world of difference in your budget.

Many people just assume that these samples are a gimmick, but there are actually ways to get free toddler stuff. The idea is that companies want to build lifelong relationships, so providing free samples throughout the course of your baby’s childhood years, can be invaluable to both you and the company.

Most people don’t realize that the products that their parents used on them as children are typically what those grown children go on to use on their own babies. The generational benefits of building brand loyalty are really invaluable and most reputable baby companies who provide samples know this.

So how do you go about getting baby samples free by mail? Well the answer is easy and is a close as your computer.

  • Join All the Social Media Networks of All of the Baby Companies You Admire: You’ll find that these companies will provide you with up to date information on giveaway’s and promotions that offer baby samples for free. You may also get links to free things for your child. Sometimes you might have to fill out questionnaires or surveys for these samples, but it may just be well worth it, if these are companies you in fact love and want to continue to patronize over the course of your baby’s childhood years.
  • Write Testimonial Letters or Letters of Complaint: Stay in written communication with the baby product company that you love or even those that have slighted you in a way you feel they need to know about. You should go online and get the telephone number and contact information including the address and title of the person whom you should write about your testimonial or even complaint. Companies want to know both sides of a story when it comes to a product. So that means good and bad. Be honest and upfront in your letter. If you want free samples, ask for them. Remember to include your return address and telephone number, if you’d like someone to contact you. Remember that letters are powerful and do get things done.
  • Call the Company Directly: Phone calls are powerful too, though not as letters. But if you just want to inquire about getting free baby samples you can call the baby manufacturer company directly and ask.
  • Get Loyalty Cards Where Available for All Your Local Baby Product Retailers: Loyalty and reward cards can also get you free baby samples and products. Or even baby stuff for really cheap. This cards include those from popular pharmacies like: CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Most of these loyalty programs have buy 1 get 1 free offers, as well as point systems that could add up to deep savings on baby products. You might also get free coupons for things like formula, baby wipes and diapers in the mail.

So as you can see baby samples for free by mail aren’t a gimmick or fly by night scam, you can realize deep discounts and free products from the tips above.