There are a wide variety of baby shower options and baby shower candy can be a fun way to add a little color and a bit of treat to your tables. There are a lot of different baby shower candy and you are sure to find something that will match your decorations and you theme.

Baby Shower Candy - Lollipops
Lollipops are a favorite of many people because they taste good. However, when looking at baby shower candy you can find tasty lollipops in a wide variety of fun and exciting shapes that will only add to the theme or your party decorations.

  • Baby Footprints. You can find pink, blue, and sometimes yellow footprint lollipops. You can place them in a jar or in a baby bottle (minus the nipple) and display them on the tables.
  • Pacifiers. Lollipops can also be found in pacifier shapes. These make great decorations to strew along the tables.
  • Baby Shapes. Lollipops can also be found in fancy shapes such as ducks, umbrellas, tiaras, and even onsies. These can be spread along the tables or you can fill jars and bottles with them.
  • Fancy Wrappers. Lollipops and chocolate pops can be found in round shapes with baby wrappers. Many of these have fancy sayings, cute pictures, and can fit in with a wide variety of themes.

Baby Shower Candy - Chocolates
Chocolates are a favorite of many different women. You can find a number of baby shower candies that are made of chocolate.

  • Chocolate coins. You can find chocolate coins in blue, pink, and pastels. A bowl of coins that match the color of the party is a great decoration and works well on counters, tables, and in other locations around the event.
  • Pastel candy coated chocolate. There are a number of candy coated chocolates that can also be placed in bowls and or dishes around the party. You can commonly find them in pink, purple, blue, green, white, or pastels.
  • Candy and chocolate coated almonds. These too can be found in pink, blues, white, and pastels.
  • Chocolate Truffles. You can also find chocolate truffles with wrappers that match your baby shower theme. This includes pink, blue, and silver for the various themes and baby shower colors.

Baby Shower Candy - Baby Bottles
Cute bottles of candies can also be used for decorations and treats. You can find them with mints, chocolates, hard candies, and tarts. You can also find candies that are in the shape of a bottle. These are often tarts, hard candies, or chocolates.

Baby Shower Candy - Cigars
A congratulatory cigar may not be what your baby shower needs, or it may be just the perfect treat for a laugh. You can find cigars in pink or blue. Most common are chocolate and bubble gum cigars. Sometimes you can find hard candy cigars as well.

Baby Shower Candy - Pastels
There are a wide variety of pastel candies. You can find tarts, hard candies, chocolate coated candies, and more in pastels. You can buy one color at a time or you can buy a mix of pastel candies.

Baby Shower Candy - Mints
There are also baby shower mints. You can find them in a baby bottle or in cute shapes such as pillows, pacifiers, and baby bottles. You can also find mint tins with baby themes and pictures on them or you can personalize many of these tins!

Baby Shower Candy - Other Options
There are a lot of other options for baby shower candy. In most cases it is regular candy that has a color that works well with baby shower themes.

  • Jelly Beans. Whether you go to your local store and pick out some jelly belly jelly beans in a color that will work for your party or you buy a all pink jelly beans, all blue jelly beans, or pastels you can add them to your party.  
  • Candy Sticks. Candy sticks come in candy cane like candy sticks and rock candy sticks in a variety of colors.
  • Taffy. You can find saltwater taffy, Laffy Taffy, and round taffies in the colors to match your party.
  • Gummy Bears and Other Gummy Treats. Once again these are sold in colors that will work for your party.  
  • Candy Hearts. Candy hearts come in chocolate hearts, hearts with messages (like those sold at Valentine’s Day), and other types of candy hearts.
  • Rock Candy and Hard Candy. Rock candy can be found on sticks and strings. Hard candies can be found in a variety of shapes. In each case color coordination is usually key.
  • Licorice. Licorice ropes and twists are sold in blue and pink for baby showers.

Baby Shower Candy - Decorating With It
There are a number of ways that you can use the baby shower candy in order to offer a great look to your party. Here are several ways you can use the baby shower candy for decorations.

  • Bowls, dishes, and vases. You can use simple bowls, candy dishes, or vases to set out the candies of your choice. You can set them along the eating tables, on the food buffet, on the gift table, and around the room as well. Adding a decorative spoon or scoop will allow people to scoop up candies at will.
  • Bottles. Remove the nipples from several bottles. Place candies into the bottle. You can then add candy sticks or lollipops sticking out the top. People can pour the candies right from the bottle and when it is done with you can send the bottles and nipples home with the mom to be.
  • Candy Buffet. A small table can be turned into a beautiful candy buffet. Choose a variety of candies and of color shades that will match your themes. Using a variety of dishes, vases, bowls, and trays offer your candies in a layered presentation style with the tallest dishes and vases in the back and leading toward the trays.

Baby shower candy can be a great addition to your baby shower. You can choose shapes or colors to match your theme and have a wide variety of favorites. These can be added to your tables, your buffet, or around the location of your event.