Years ago, the words "men" and "baby shower" would never have been heard in the same sentence together, unless it was, "The men will be dropping the girls off for the baby shower." Now, with the times changed, more and more baby showers are for the couple rather than just the mother to be. Creating a baby shower centerpiece that includes both of the expectant parents has become a challenge.

Creating a centerpiece that includes not only Mom, but Dad too, is not as difficult as it may seem. Men, for the most part, may not enjoy the idea of a baby shower, but will attend anyway. A thoughtfully designed baby shower centerpiece idea will help him to be more at ease.

Do not turn your living room in to a sports bar just to get this point across, if he has a favorite team, include the team colors in the decorations or centerpiece. Car racing, fishing and other generally thought of male hobbies may also add to your ideas. This is particularly effective if the child on the way is a boy.

The diaper cake is an easy to get beginning to this centerpiece. It is simply folded diapers to use as a platform for other gifts, coming in a variety of tier numbers. If possible, go for the team colors for this "cake", helping to ease the tension and let him feel a part of the shower.

Adding of small gifts to the baby shower centerpiece that is not only for the mother and baby but for the father as well, will help along these lines. Most men will get into the spirit of the baby shower after being there for a little time. This helps to ease them in to it and little touches like this will go a long way.

Couples, particularly expecting ones, truly enjoy doing things together. Including dad in this will help to make him feel even more involved. A baby shower centerpiece is a great way to show you are thinking of both of them.