Baby shower crafts are simple, fun to do and meaningful. A perfect outlet for your creativity; baby shower crafts can be brought as a gift for the expectant mother, made at the shower itself as a keepsake of the occasion or given as mementos to all invitees. Baby shower crafts range from the basic and cost-effective to the elaborate and time-consuming. Generally, however, the items needed to engage in these crafts can be found in most homes, so costs can usually be minimized. Baby shower crafts that most expectant mother's are likely to appreciate, include baby shirts embroidered with the baby's name (if known), a flower bouquet made out of baby socks, towels rolled into the shape of a cute teddy bear, a diaper cake, and washcloth animals, to name but a few. Another great gift idea is a personalized scrapbook containing various anecdotes, pictures, newspaper clippings and comics, highlighting the poignant, the hilarious and even the frustrating experiences every new parent is bound to face with the arrival of the new baby. To make the baby shower especially memorable there are a few crafts guests can engage in, at the shower itself. For instance, invitees can create a unique hand print painting by each dipping their hands in decorative paint and placing it on one plain colored board in an artistic manner which can later be framed and hung in the nursery as a keepsake of all those who were eagerly awaiting the new arrival. Similarly, a photograph of each guest can be arranged in a collage format together with personalized messages, which the baby once older would treasure. Baby shower crafts that the organizer can make as "thank you gifts" for all invitees are indeed diverse, and can include napkins folded in the form of baby shirts and made to hold a few kitchen utensils, candles and soap melted and cast into various baby shower themed molds, mugs or glasses hand-painted with cute designs, bookmarks that carry a baby related image or picture, and even edible pacifier necklaces can be made out of candy. For those who need more structured instructions on engaging in any of the afore-mentioned baby shower crafts, will find that the internet is a veritable source of information. Others, who wish to research a few more ideas on baby shower crafts can look up craft related magazines or books, which carry step-by-step guidelines and illustrated examples of projects, for the better comprehension of its readers.