Throwing the perfect baby shower doesn’t have to be that hard. It will require a lot of work, but one great thing you can do is find the perfect baby shower decoration ideas for your party. With the right decorations everything else can fall into place.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Boy, Girl, Or To Be Announced
You can skip out on a theme for your baby shower decoration ideas and instead choose to go with a boy, a girl, or a to be announced party. There are lots of baby shower decoration ideas that cover a wide range of different styles to meet your needs.

  • Balloons. There are a wide range of balloons that you can use to decorate your party. Choose pink and white for a baby girl, blue and white or blue and green for a boy, or yellow and green or a mix for a to be announced baby. You can also add foil balloons in for even more color and for beautiful baby shapes.
  • Streamers. Crepe paper streamers can add a lot of color. You can drape them around the room and around the tables and chairs. Again you want to choose a color that either goes with your theme or matches the colors for the baby that the party is for.
  • Candles. Candles can add an elegant touch. They can be placed around the room, on the various tables, and can be used as centerpieces if you choose.
  • Flowers. Fresh flowers can add to the elegance and give the room a more grown up feel even with all of the baby items around.
  • Confetti. You can find several baby types of confetti at party stores and even in the party aisle of most major stores.
  • Place Settings. You can get plates, napkins, and even plastic silverware to match your theme or the general colors that you are choosing to use. You can also use place mats of these colors or use cloth diapers for place mats. You can use teething rings for napkin holders. You can also use bottles without nipples for drinking vessels. Add a straw and away you go.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Diaper Cake
A diaper cake can be a great part of your baby shower decorations. You can use it as the centerpiece for the gift table. Whether you buy a diaper cake or make your own. In either case you can follow the general theme of the party to finish the overall look and feel of the room.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Usable Centerpieces
Decorating a table is something that you should do with care. By choosing items to decorate with that the mother to be can take home you are making her life better and you are offering great decorations for the party. Consider small baskets with baby supplies such as soap, shampoo, and diaper cream in them. You can also place several pacifiers, rattles, and bibs along the length of the table. Decorated bottles can also be used for centerpieces.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Baby Bath Tub Punch Bowls
An interesting take on useful items that make great decorations is the baby bath tub punch bowl. Purchase the baby bath tub from the registry. Get a rubber duck or two and fill the bath tub with punch. Add the clean rubber ducks and enjoy!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Baby Clothes Line
A baby clothes line can also be a great decoration. You can use it for a game or you can pin up clothes, socks, and bibs to the close line. In this case the clothing becomes your decorations. If you still want something different you can take diapers and pin them up after writing out the letters “Baby shower”, one letter per diaper. This is a cheaper option that is very cute.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Paper Cut Outs
You can make paper cut outs to decorate the walls and the tables. These may be baby items such as booties, rattles, and pacifiers or you may choose to go with your theme. An alphabet them may need some cute letters or a pooh bear theme would work well with a pot of honey and some bees. Getting creative with really allow the paper cut outs to take your baby shower decoration ideas to the next level.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas - Themes
You don’t need a baby shower theme in order to have a great party. Simply choosing “baby” as your theme and then a color is enough and there are lots of great baby shower decoration ideas. If you want a more central theme then consider these ideas.

  • Alphabet Theme. One easy theme is an alphabet theme. This is a very simple theme that gives you something more than baby while still offering you the use of most baby related items.
  • Winnie the pooh. Probably one of the most popular baby shower theme out there is Winnie the pooh. You can choose this theme and find all sorts of items to match it. Everything from clothing and bibs to stuffed animals, paper cut outs, and matching tableware.
  • Rubber Duck. Another cute theme option is rubber duck or rubber duckie. You can use several rubber ducks, get items with rubber ducks on them, cut rubber duck shapes out, and more. Choosing yellow as the color is a great idea, but you can also get rubber duckies in a wide variety of colors.
  • Noah’s ark. Another cute theme is Noah’s ark. You can use baby animals and include a lot of different kinds of creatures as your decorations.
  • Teddy Bears. You can decorate with teddy bears as well. These can be really cute and are easy to use in all of your different decorations.

There are a lot of great baby shower decoration ideas. Using a wide variety of decorations is the best option and will give you the greatest control. You can have a lot of fun picking out the different items that will meet your needs. You can throw a great baby shower complete with the perfect decorations!