One of the absolute best aspects of a baby shower are the fun games played to help get conversations started, allow us to meet new people, and maybe learn a few new things about the guest of honor.

Baby shower games don't take much preparation, but you'll want to make sure you have selected some small, but thoughtful gifts to pass out to the winners.

After going through the guest list, note the average age of everyone who will be attending and use that to determine what types of gifts to buy for the prizes. The guest list should give you an idea as to what type of games should be played as well.

Also be sure to have some small prizes for the children who may be able to play, as well as some that would be appropriate for the adults. The games should be easy enough for everyone to play, but clever enough so that the answers aren't too obvious.

Another fun and easy game, especially if there are children at the shower, involves using rhymes from none other than Mother Goose. The host reads a line from a nursery rhyme, omitting one word, and whoever guesses first, wins the round. The person with the most right answers will win a prize, but be sure to use some of the lesser known rhymes to make it more of a challenge for everyone.

A simple, but fun game that everyone can play is known as the Memory Game. Gather some baby-related items, placing them all on a table or in a box and allow everyone a chance to try to memorize all of the items.

Set a timer for about 20 seconds before the guests have to write down everything they can recall about what was included, with the one naming the most items winning a prize. This is a great game for people of all ages, and also gives another little gift for the new mom as she can be presented with the memory items after the game is finished.