Baby Shower Games for the Whole Family

Baby Shower Games that appeal to everyone

I recently hosted a Baby Shower where I invited the entire family and friends.  Yes I mean both men and women and children.  It is important that everyone get's to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest member to the family.

Playing Baby Shower games is a key part of a Baby Shower.  I would like to share with you the games we planned for the day.  To note some of the games are those we played and some we ran out of time for.  Afternoon tea or in my case lunch, took a lot of time up.  I was going to open the gifts at home but many were keen to see all the cute outfits for the baby so I entertained the guests in the high heat, heavily pregnant, opening all the gifts one by one.  

Now you can see why I ran out of time to play all the games!  Not to mention it was an outside affair and the weather ended up a little too perfect!  

Things to think about when selecting the games:

  • How much time have you set aside for games will set how many you need
  • What is the audience, such as the age group and gender
  • Do you wish to have a game just for the children
  • The number  of prizes for games, such as just a first or a second or last place also
  • The appropriateness of prizes to the audience

Potential games to play that suit any age:

Egg and Spoon Race

With a Baby starting as an egg it was an ideal game.  I used easter eggs opposed to real eggs so there was no mess and if a participant dropped the egg they could pick it back up and keep running.

There was a race for children and a second race for adults.  Makes for very good photos!

There was a prize for first in each race.  Everyone got to eat their egg which encouraged many guests to take part as you didn't get an egg unless you went in the race.  With the little ones in the first race, I gave them an extra egg as they don't take not winning as well.

Lucky Door Prize

Everyone wrote their name on a piece of paper provided and put it in a hat.  Instead of wine so to cater for all ages I had a Cadbury Chocolate gift pack so it appealed to all ages.  Just as well too as I got the youngest person there to draw the winner and he drew himself which was entertaining as he was not even two years old.  I also had a second place which I drew out as the mother to-be as I was in the draw.  Just a smaller box of chocolates.  Obviously you can replace chocolate with a different prize but remember to cater for all ages.

Ribbon around the Baby Belly

Anyone can place this.  I had purchased a beautiful blue ribbon twice as long as around my baby belly.  Then it circulated with a black marker through the guests over lunch.  Each guest wrote down their name where they thought the ribbon ended around my baby belly.  To note I had put start on one end of the ribbon and finish on the other end of the ribbon.

It was classic as people would look at me and hold the ribbon up and get very competitive and serious with this game.  I actually had just a first prize and one guest had the exact measurement to my amazement.

Breaking the Waters

I confess this game got disbanded not so much because of time but due to the heat on the day.  You get these little plastic babies and put them in ice-cube trays and pour water over them.  Each guest is to get an ice-cube and whomever can get the baby out of the ice-cube first wins.  However, as I was hosting our event not at home but a booked barbecue venue, they would have melted before I got there.

Baby Bingo

I didn't play this game due to the large number of guests as you always have guests that do not RSVP but then show up.  I also ran out of time.  Many websites have free baby bingo templates you can print off so the game is very cheap to play.


This is a well-known game played at traditional baby shower's.  Cheap to play as you can bring along a tray with a few items you already have for the baby in readiness for the baby's arrival.  You can also make it a little funnier by having more interesting pieces such as 'Dummies Guide for being a Dad' or lots of different colour dummies so it isn't the same old game with one baby hat and all the other items people would normally see.  

If you have children at your party it is best to pair them up with an adult.  I didn't have time to place this but I planned a first prize and a small prize for every child that participated so kids went home happy they won something on the day.  It is good to do things like this when this baby is not the first in the family so other siblings or cousins don't get jealous and see the new baby as a good thing.


All in all, it is important for your guests to have some fun at a Baby Shower as it is a light-hearted affair.  If you have some guests more adventurous, you can always offer to run a game such as memory, at the same time as a more challenging game, so people are playing a game in their comfort zone.  I went to a Baby Shower once where the guest was blind-folded and had to put your hands in a box of something unknown (ended up being rice) and collect as many tiny baby safety pins as you could in sixty seconds.   The prize was a baby bottle full of chocolates.

Just always make sure the guest of honour is not run off her feet and is also having a good time.

I hope I have given some suggestions of games you may wish to try.