Making The Perfect Baby Gift Basket

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If you know someone who recently had a baby and you want to give her the perfect baby gift basket, you will want to take several different factors into consideration. For starters, if they already have a lot of certain items, there is no need to include more of those items in the baby gift basket that you design for them. There are several basic items that are not terribly expensive but that are greatly appreciated by new parents and this article focuses on these types of items.

Include items that would be good additions for the baby’s room. You will need to know some general things about the room before you add such items, such as the color scheme and the parent’s taste. These items do not need to be very expensive. For instance, you can include some CDs of lullaby music to soothe the baby to sleep.

Add some age appropriate board books. Young babies need to be read to by their parents and other care providers. They also enjoy touching and handling board books. Reading to children is a great bonding technique and a wonderful way to stimulate the baby's mind and introduce him or her to language, color and sound.

Place some bath items into the basket. Baby shampoo, baby lotion, and other gentle items that are safe to use with infants will be greatly appreciated by all new parents. They also look attractive in gift baskets.

Put some soft, infant-safe stuffed animals in the gift basket as a great way to finish it off. Plush toys are a big favorite with infants and their parents because babies find them soothing and comforting.

The personal touch is always nice. For instance, if you find a nice keepsake that has the baby’s name on it, parents always enjoy this kind of personal touch in a baby gift basket. Your friends will be so grateful that you took the time to assemble a gift basket and you will feel great doing it.

The important thing is to have fun with the gift basket you are making for your friend or family member's baby. Get creative and keep your friend's own interests in mind when planning out your basket. And of course make sure that all your items fit well in the basket before you present it to your friend.