Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There are so many baby showers going on every day that gifts are constantly being bought and sought. This is for those of you who just want to grab something that will be a hit without the stress and fuss of getting something lame. This past year has been a busy one within my friend circle with newborns, and I have bought my fair share of gifts in such a short time span. Every single item in this article has been got with success so shop in confidence and don't stress about what to get a new parent ever again.

I'll give ideas for those who need a cheap option, and a little something for those who are really close with the soon to be parents. Your best weapons are usually picking something either very pratical, or very very cute! Great baby shower gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices so finding all options shouldn't be a problem.

1) Sheepskin Baby Gear

I thought we could start with the gift that was both practical and very cute....makes sense right? Wool products are a big hit in the baby world, and I don't doubt most of you have seen a wool baby blanket in action. They're hypoallergenic, extremely soft and best of all an affordable gift that will really impress both mommy and baby. Both the adorable baby booties and wheepskin baby blanket can be purchased individually, or you can get both for just over $100 which isn't too bad. The booties are really cute, and the baby rug can be used all over the house, in the car seat and wherever your little one travels. You can buy these baby booties here, or check Amazon for a whole bunch more.

Baby Sheepskin Booties


2) Baby Gates For Stairs

Just about every parent I know has needed and used a baby gate to keep their little ones from wandering. As soon as those little ones start crawling and walking, you have to be sure that your house is safe. This makes for a great gift idea that will only run you anywhere from $30-50 USD which isn't too bad at all! You'll look like one smart cookie showing up with this to your next baby shower. This one below is by Regalo and has a very easy latch for parents to get in and out of, but will definitely keep your baby out. Best of all, this is one of the best on the market and it will onl run you $30 plus shipping from Amazon.

Baby gate

3) A Baby Humidifier

Here's a cute and pratical gift that will eventually come in handy for those new parents. This humidifier for babies looks like a cute elephant instead of some scary wall unit. It's priced in under just $45(on and has been a welcomed gift for my coworkers new one. This is an extremely quiet and easy to use unit, that topped off with the looks makes it a winner in my books. While it's not the most exciting gift, you'll be hearing praise and thanks once that baby gets its first cold or flu. 

Baby Humidifier

I hope these baby gift ideas and suggestions make your shopping a lot easier. I'd also love to hear from other parents out there and what they've got and loved. This is a precious time in a lot of people's lives, so make sure you make an ever lasting impresson and deliver the goods!