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Some baby shower guests will leave baby advice that is full of wisdom, thoughtful, or even amusing. Others may not be as adept as passing along good thoughts or advice.  Having to give spur of the moment profound advice on raising a child in a baby advice book can cause some guests to draw a blank, or feel they have nothing to contribute if they don’t have children. Personalizing and making baby advice cards that are a central theme for the baby shower will help each guest pass on baby advice that will be treasured by mom and dad.

Use this baby shower idea to get creative and make your own baby shower advice cards to avoid that same old tired baby advice often given by guests in the back of a baby shower advice book. Personalized verses or ideas written on the cards help people remember their babies and include those that have not had babies.  By writing prompts on the cards you’ll encourage family and friends to give more thoughtful baby advice. Also, personalize the cards with the parent’s names, baby’s name (if known) and make them colorful.

Baby Advice Cards: Give Baby Shower Guests Prompts

Make moms remember the baby advice they received as a new parent. Some examples to write on the cards: “The best baby advice I ever received was….” or “The worst baby advice I ever received was…” or “The funniest baby advice I ever received was….”Baby Advice Card Ideas

Invoke the wisdom of the elders. Create cards that allow guests to pass on wise advice from their grandparents. An example: “My grandmother was wise and so I will share her advice….”

Inspire guests to give advice on reminding the new mom to take care of, even pamper, herself. An example: “A mommy’s work is never done. Share with (mom’s name) a tip or two to help her relax and pamper herself.”

Give prompts that will encourage some funny advice or stories. Example:  “(Mom’s name) should always have the camera ready! A don’t miss baby picture moment will be…..”

Make cards meant for certain special guests. This is a great way to include those that may not have children or who have a special relationship with the parents. Cards may say “Advice only a best friend can give…” or “Advice from an Auntie…”

Give Shower Guest Time to Think

Send the advice cards out with the invitations. This gives invitees time to think about what advice they want to pass on, rather than having to think of something on the spot.

Include All Invited Guests

 Include a stamped, self-addressed stamped envelope with the baby shower advice cards that you mail out. Include instructions that if the invitee is unable to attend the babbaby shower ideay shower that they can still send their baby advice via the mail.

Spotlight the Baby Advice Cards at the Baby Shower

Set up a baby advice table at the baby shower. Make it a prominent and important part of the party. Set out the cards, lots of pens and party favors. Near the baby shower party favors leave a nice note for people to take one party favor for each advice card they fill out. 

Surprise Mom

To make this baby shower idea one to remember, keep it a surprise as best you can. Don’t tell the baby shower honoree about the advice cards sent with the invitations. At the baby shower, collect all the baby advice cards before mom has a chance to see them and put them in a nice photo album to present to her at the end of the party. Make sure to include the baby shower advice cards you received from guests that couldn’t attend, as these will be the best surprise and let her know that friends and family that couldn’t attend still shared in her celebration.