You have been elected to take charge of the decorations for a special friend's baby shower. While this can be a challenge, it can be a fun and rewarding experience too for both the new mother-to-be and yourself too. Why not take advantage of the tons of clever and unique baby shower ideas just waiting for you online.

One way to get started is to peruse the wide variety of shower invitations that are available. You can start looking for invitations with a theme in mind or you can use invitation ideas to help you develop an overall theme. It is now easy and quick to shop for and order invitations online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

There are countless themes for the party itself and just as many baby shower ideas for decorations that bring the theme to life. One favorite idea is to build the decorating around the theme of the new baby's nursery whether it is an ocean aquarium, a pirate's island or an enchanted forest. With some pre-planning, the guests' gifts can actually be used as part of the decorating design.

If you or others attending the shower are craft-oriented, there are a lot of decorations that can be created using items that the mother-to-be will welcome after the party. A bouquet of baby wash clothes and towels in a pretty basket can serve as a table centerpiece. Tiny little socks and caps can be strung together as festive streamers. There are a number of websites that have step by step instructions for making these items.

Finally don't forget to explore all of the wonderful baby shower ideas for party favors. Many guests have come to expect a small memento from the party and the favors can also be a part of the decorating theme. This can also be an economical choice for the party planners. Not only will the shower guests feel special, but the mom-to-be will enjoy knowing that her friends and family have left taking a little piece of this celebration home with them.