The jury is divided when it comes to planning baby shower ideas for games and party ice-breakers. Veteran shower-goers know that games are nearly always a part of the baby shower experience and most guests today are not really interested in a game involving wearing or collecting baby items during the course of the festivities. If you are in charge of this part of the baby shower, try not to stress, there are actually several games that can be fun for all ages and get everyone involved.

One crowd pleaser is modeled on the universally known game of Bingo. Guests are given cards with anywhere from 4 to 16 squares based upon the number of gifts the new Mom will be opening during the shower. Just before each gift is opened, the players guess what will be inside the package and write this in a square. The first guest to have enough correct baby gift choices written in a horizontal or vertical line is the winner. Baby Bingo is a great way to truly involve the guests in the gift opening process.

A somewhat noisy but appealing game, especially for children, is the old balloon with a prize inside. It requires a bit of pre-planning to insert a slip of paper with a baby term in each balloon prior to inflating it. One slip of paper is titled "Winner." As the guests arrive each is given a balloon to tie to their chair or wrist during the shower. At some point, the guests are asked to pop their balloons and the person with the "Winner" slip wins a prize. The choice of prize is entirely up to the shower planners' whims and budget.

Very simple baby game shower ideas for games include items that will create memories for the guest of honor. Giving each guest a marker and disposable diaper and asking them to write a bit of advice on the diaper is a fun way to kill time at the beginning of the shower. Also fun are the relay style races or musical baby item games involving rattles or baby bottles or other baby supplies. These are practical too as once the game is done, the Mom gets to keep the play items.

The internet is chockfull of interesting baby shower ideas for games that will make even the veteran baby shower attendee smile. Consider the age mix of the guests attending, and steer clear of those games that can be so silly as to be embarrassing. Simple games styled on familiar favorites are sure to be successful.