Baby shower ideas can really help you relieve a lot of the stress of planning one of these events. It can incorporate everything from decor to the food that you choose to go with. Here are a few unusual themes that you can really incorporate into this design style.

You might just find out the theme of the nursery and really incorporate that into your overall decor. This is going to give a lot of direction for your guests as to the kinds of presents that they should choose. For instance for a French inspired nursery you could give everything from Eiffel tower table lamps to vintage stenciled hat boxes. This will be one of the more sophisticated themes and it can really venture out from the basic blue and pink kind of color palette.

Garden theme baby shower ideas can also really work well. You could try making mud pie cheesecakes. You could also go in a more elegant design direction. You could just use floral centerpieces instead of more traditional balloons. It's also going to be a pretty gender neutral option and it’s a great way to really have a summer party outdoors if you just don't have enough space in your house for all of the guests.

Another option is just to go with more of a craft kind of theme for handmade baby shower ideas. You can have small stations where your guests can decorate different onesies. There could be a painting station with a lot of canvases. You can also have a scrapbooking station for a lot of fun memories both from the bridal shower but also to create pictures that you can actually use as part of the nursery room decor. This is perfect because scrapbooking paper is going to be one of your least expensive options and you might have a lot of these materials in your craft closet already. You could even have a quilt set up for your guests to help tie. This kind of interaction is going to help you cut down on party games that can seem a little bit cheesy but still make sure that everyone has something to do. You can also really help to furnish a nursery if it's someone's first kid.

You can try a few traditional themes and just make them a lot more elegant. For instance if you go with a pink or a blue theme then you really change it up somewhat. You can do this with a funky harlequin print or a plaid kind of pattern. Baby shower ideas are only limited by your imagination.

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