Baby Shower IdeasAt first coming up with baby shower ideas may seem daunting. There is no need to worry; you can easily host a baby shower that will be fun for all. First, it helps to know a little about the background of the baby shower.

A baby shower is simply a celebration for showering the mom-to-be with love and presents and showers were usually held after the birth of the baby.

Young parents-to-be often have a hard time purchasing everything they will need to comfortably take care of the newborn baby. Showers alleviate some of this concern.

Baby showers were originally for the girls, for near-to-be moms and for her friends or co-workers. Also, it was only given to the first child with only 1 shower in each pregnancy and baby showers before were generally just afternoon teas.

Nowadays, baby showers are now for couples and some baby showers are held according to the guests, on top of that, baby showers are now also given to the children preceding the first child.

Baby showers may be casual or fancy and held at any time of day. Baby showers may be held in your own house, a country club, a restaurant, your workplace or even your church. The type of food and drinks are usually dependent on the kind of shower, and food and drinks are usually available in showers as well.

Games are often played which are as simple as guessing the girth of mom's belly. Some guests dread coming to a baby shower simply because of the potential for silly games; usually they end up having a great time with games so don't skip them for this reason only.

Things to consider when planning for a great baby shower include:

1. Choose a location, a date and the time of day. You will usually want to get the honoree's input on this unless it is a surprise. If it is a surprise, discussing this with her husband or other family member is a good idea.

2. Make a decision on whether the shower will be for girls only, maybe including children, or couples. Often showers at churches will be attended by girls of all ages.

3. Will there be a theme? A theme makes coordinating invitations, decoration, games, and food fun and easy.

4. Will there be games? Traditionally games are played during a shower. Using simple, fun games that aren't embarrassing to the guests will make the shower less stressful for many.

5. Are you giving favors to guests? This is a personal preference, but certainly a tradition for baby showers. You can choose from an endless set of choices, ranging from $1 - $3 dollars for basic favors.

It will be up to you if you want to have a simple baby shower, having a theme or not will also be your choice. Themes make planning all aspects, invitations, decorations, games, food, and favors, easy. You may want to base the different aspects of the baby shower on how the baby's nursery is decorated. Theme possibilities include:

1. Have diaper shower. A great choice of gifts for this kind of shower would be diapers or other products that relate to diapers, examples are diaper bags, wipes, disposable bags, changing pads, and diaper pails. Decorations utilize cloth diapers; invitations may be shaped like a folded cloth diaper.

2. A book shower. A good choice of gifts in this theme would be books for children, but you can always include other products related to books like book cases, CDs based on books, and even videos that are book-based can also be a great gift. Decorations and invitations my include book characters or quotes from favorite books.

3. A Holiday shower. It should be a great and fun theme, not to mention an easy one, for a baby shower if the baby's expected due date falls on a holiday. Take for example that you could be having a shower themed on ornaments for your baby if the date falls in the Christmas season. You will then have no trouble finding decorations and invitations for a holiday theme.

4. A shower based on a character. Characters from any well-known television show or book will be great with this theme but the gifts are really not expected to be based on the character of choice.

5. Having a Noah's Ark theme. This would be a great choice for a theme if the pair is expecting to have twins, but you can always have this one even if not too. Activities in pairs in this theme will be a great way to have fun.

6. Have a shower with no theme. It is completely okay to have a no theme baby shower, but use the inherent theme. You can use pink for girls, blue for boys, or possible yellow if the gender is not known. Having this kind of theme will ease you up on finding the right decorations, invitations and games to relate to the babies.

Today, the father is regularly as occupied with the baby as the mother is, so now showers are hosted for couples as well as to include the fathers. The father may also participate in the baby shower registry. Any of the themes mentioned above would be fitting in any shower for couples. The suitability of the baby showers for the couple is usually dependent on the chosen location, date and time of day and not on the choice of theme.

You can usually find countless ideas for a baby shower online and you can even find the necessary products to make your baby shower successful. All you got to remember is that if love is given and showered on the soon-to-be mom and dad; the baby shower is going to be a breakthrough and huge success.