To throw the perfect baby shower you need to consider every aspect of it. You need to consider the food, the decor, the games, and even the baby shower tableware. The good news is there are a lot of amazing options for great baby shower tableware!

Baby Shower Tableware - The Theme
The general theme of the baby shower will effect your tableware choices. Before you rush out and buy all the plates and napkins that you need you will want to choose a theme. This theme can be carried over into your tableware choices. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy. This is a general idea that is often easy to work with and will incorporate ideas from several planners. It’s a girl or It’s a boy lets you base the party on the colors generally accepted with the gender of the baby. For example a “It’s a Girl” party will use pinks, whites, and shades of purple to decorate with and “It’s a Boy” generally uses blues, greens, and whites.
  • Welcome Baby. This is often used when the gender of the baby is unknown. You can use yellows, greens, and whites or a little of all the pastel colors to welcome the baby who’s gender is unknown or unannounced.
  • Noah’s Ark or Animals. There is something really adorable about baby animals and they make the perfect theme for a baby shower. You can choose to go with Noah’s ark or baby animals. You can also choose a single animal option such as teddy bears.
  • Disney or Cartoon Characters. Whether you are pulling out classic Winnie the Pooh or picking Disney princesses there are lots of cartoon characters that can make great themes for baby showers. This can include gifts, decorations, and even the baby shower tableware!

Baby Shower Tableware - The Table Cloth
You want to have a table cloth to make your space look complete. You can go with a simple and inexpensive white plastic to cover the table and keep things clean looking or you can choose a fancy table cloth. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from at most party supply stores and you can even find table cloths that match your theme. You may also wish to decorate the table cloth with streamers around the edges. This can make for a pretty table, but is sometimes difficult to keep nice while sitting at it.

Baby Shower Tableware - The Plates
Plates can be purchased in a single color, in a couple of colors, or according to your theme. You may want to choose more than one option so that your desert plates are more special than your regular dinner plates. You may also want to consider bowls if serving fruit salad or regular salad along with your other foods.

Baby Shower Tableware - The Napkins
Napkins are a perfect place to get creative. You have a few different options that can make for an interesting baby shower tableware setting. Your first option is a simple colored napkin. You can choose cloth or paper. Paper napkins are easy and quick. You can get them in a wide variety of colors and also in a wide range of styles to match a variety of themes. You may want to choose a solid color and a fancy napkin to off set cost. Another option is to use pre-folded diapers for napkins. This adds to the baby feel of the party. Napkin rings can also be made from pacifiers, teethers, and baby key rings for another way to add baby to the feel of the party. The cloth diapers make great burp cloths and everything else can also be sent home with the mommy-to-be after the baby shower.

Baby Shower Tableware - The Silverware
Your basic plastic silverware is one way to go. It commonly comes in clear or white and it works well with any colors or themes that you have going on. However, if you want you can also get silverware in colors and even in themes though you will pay more for it. If you want to wash you may choose to use your regular flatware instead of plastic. Many people prefer to eat with real metal over plastic.

Baby Shower Tableware - Drinks
You can purchase paper cups in a solid color or matching your theme. This is always an easy way to go. However, there are some more creative options that will meet with your baby theme. One is to offer juice boxes and juice pouches in a wide range of flavors. Your guests will then drink from this kiddy type of drink. Another option is to take a variety of inexpensive bottles and remove the nipples. Place straws in the top and serve drinks in the bottles. This can add a lot to the baby theme of the party and the mommy-to-be can take the bottles (complete with the nipples) home afterward.

Baby Shower Tableware - The Decorations
You can decorate the length of the table for a complete feel. There are lots of ways to do this. You can sprinkle baby shaped confetti along the length of the table for a fun feel. You can also use baby items to decorate the table. In this case the mommy-to-be gets several small items from the decorations. Consider pacifiers, small toys, teething rings, small stuffed animals, bibs, and other cute items to spread along the length of the table.

Baby Shower Tableware - Centerpieces
The final thing is to add a centerpiece or two. You have tons of options! You can use candles or flowers for a more grown up feel and for a gift that can be just for the mommy-to-be. If you are looking for something she can use for the baby after it arrives you may want to consider a diaper cake or a basket full of bath and diapering supplies. These are things that all moms need and will use for the years to come. Consider wipes, shampoo, soap, diaper rash cream, and so on.

You can have the perfect baby shower tableware. Start with the table cloth and work your way up to a beautiful table for everyone to enjoy. Add small gifts for decorations and you are sure to have a crowd pleasing baby shower table!