A concern for parents of new babies is, of course, comfort and safety at all times, especially during the night or when baby is sleeping. No one can hover over a baby 100 per cent of the time. Many parents are choosing a baby sleeping bag as a safer alternative of loose blankets for sleep times. If you are setting up a nursery for a new baby or buying a baby shower gift, it is a good idea to look at the benefits of babies sleeping bags.

What are Grobag baby sleeping bags?

Grobag is a brand of baby sleeping bags. A British couple, Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes, designed this line of baby sleeping bags after finally discovering that a baby sleep bag was the only way to keep their baby from kicking off his covers and waking up himself and everyone else in the house. When the baby slept all night in his baby sleeping bag, the Holmes decided to create their own line of sleeping bags for baby and now babies around the world are sleeping safely through the night in Grobag baby sleeping bags.

Other popular brands are also available. Though sleeping bags for baby have been used in Europe for over 25 years, they are fairly new for use by parents in the U.S.

Baby sleeping bags are wearable blankets. The baby is contained within a bag, preventing blankets from being kicked off. Thus the baby is warm and comfortable through the night and won't wake up from being cold. Both baby and parents get more sleep. There is also an additional safety factor because baby can't get loose blankets wrapped over her head and face. This is one of the factors that can help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

How To Choose the Right Baby Sleeping Bags

Babies sleeping bags come in different weights and sizes. For your baby's comfort and safety, it is important to choose the right fit for your baby. As your baby grows you will need to upgrade to a larger size. You will probably need a winter weight and a summer weight unless you can keep the temperature in the nursery at the suggested 68 degrees to 74 degrees year around.

The retailers of baby sleep bags will have charts giving the size to purchase for your baby. The bags will have arm opening to allow airflow through the bag. Most babies do not sleep with arms under the blankets, so parents learn to dress their babies in appropriate nightclothes to keep babies warm enough with arms out. The closed in bag should be large enough for movement and kicking. They should also be long enough to allow for growth. It must not be too tight, but must be small enough that the baby's head does not slip into the bag.

Babies sleeping bags usually come in small, medium, and large sizes. It is a good idea to have at least two bags of the right size, so if a bag is soiled during the night, a second one is available.

Grobag baby sleeping bags come with a free thermometer to help you choose the right sleeping bag and nightclothes for your baby for the temperature in the nursery.

How are Baby Sleeping Bags Constructed?

Most babies sleeping bags are made from soft fabrics such as cotton or organic cotton, cotton jersey, velour, or soft fleece. The heavy weight ones usually have a polyester filling. The lining that will be next to baby's skin is usually a soft woven cotton or organic cotton. The baby sleeping bags are washable in warm water and can be dried on a low setting. Often zippers zip down from top to bottom to make it harder for older babies to unzip their bags. Grobag also makes some baby sleeping bags with side zippers.

What is the price of baby sleeping bags?

Like any other product, baby sleeping bags will vary in price according to size, weight, and quality. As an example, Sleep Huggers, a popular brand made in Canada varies from $45 to $85. They come in lightweight for room temperatures of 68 degrees to 74 degrees or heavy weight, for room temperatures from 59 degrees to 70 degrees. Sizes are small, medium, or large. Another popular brand is Baby in a Bag, made by a U.S. company. This brand has a unique bell shape, which gives baby plenty of room to kick and play. Most brands have a variety of colors and fabric designs to coordinate with your nursery colors.

Certainly your baby deserves the warmth and comfort of a baby sleeping bag. As a parent you will know you have taken a precaution to prevent SIDS, and you will probably get more sleep since baby will not wake up because she is cold. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, you will not only be giving a unique gift, but also the gift of peace of mind (not to mention more sleep) for the parents.