Baby socks that look like shoes are a great alternative to boring infant booties or socks, or socks and shoes for a baby that is not walking yet.  These really cool designs give your little one the look of everything from cowboy boots to loafers to runners all in a sock.

This is a really cool idea for dressing up your infant.  These are designed for babies under 12 months old, as they are not for walking on, but simply for something different than those basic white socks or booties that can be rather plain.

The designs are realistic and these little infant shoe socks can just be thrown in the washer.  You can get them in sets, and they would make a great gift for that shower you have been invited to.

I was checking out gift ideas for a shower, when I came across these.  They are cotton and soft, making them great for babies little feet.

If you want to dress up your little one right down to his or her feet, then you should check out the latest in infant fashions to hit the market.  These cut socks can be matched to any outfit your bundle of joy is wearing.  The boots are quite cute as well as the sneakers.  They are very realisitc looking too.

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Trumpette 6 Pair Sock Set - Rad Johnny-0-12 Months

You can get these at most children stores, but you can also get a larger variety online at such sites as Amazon.  They are an affordable shower gift or something you may want to buy yourself for your little one.  If you are having a baby, you could add these to any “gift list” that has been setup. 

These make an affordable gift as you can get them in sets for 25 dollars or less.  Just go shopping online and see the latest styles in these booties.  You could get a set to add to your baby gift as a decoration. 

Stay away from bleach if you have these little socks, and just gently wash them along with your other baby clothes, they will last a good long time, and make their little outfits look great until they are ready for real walking shoes.

So, if you want to add some pizazz to your baby’s outfit, then consider getting these cute socks or booties, and then mix and match them to match the outfits your baby is wearing. 

The baby wear market is booming, and something new is always coming on the market to make life easier for busy parents, but these cute little baby socks also mean you don’t have to try and put on little socks and then shoes, especially if your baby is not walking yet.  These are a quick way to dress him or her for the day.

Of course the down fall, is that you will want to make sure you have on the matching socks.  So, you are going to have to keep them in pairs after they are washed so as not to be wearing “odd shoe socks!”

Trumpette Mary Jane 6 Pair Box Set, Brights Assorted, 0-12 Months
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(price as of Apr 24, 2016)
these ones are cute for the little girl.