Buying baby socks that look like shoes or trainers (for both baby girls & baby boys) are a pretty great and adorable little gift idea -- and oh how they do 'love 'em' (they won't be taking these socks off any time soon!). You have a decent range of options too (with a showcase of some -- just below) from buying cute ballet shoes for girls to cool & trendy converse trainers for boys. In general, I do recommend that you get the 'larger' sizes though otherwise they will practically grow out of them practically overnight with just a 'small' size (suitable from 0 to 12 months usually -- be sure to do a bit of research into this though).

Buying Shoe Socks for Baby Girls...

You should check out the Trumpette range of socks that look like shoes for girls -- they are pretty much just the best baby (brand) socks that you can get for a young'un & come in a range of darn cute & chic designs & styles (e.g. the Mary Jane set, the ballet set etc.). Also, you will find that they are pretty unique (when compared to other baby socks) in the fact they will actually STAY on her feet (and be not constantly slipping off or get lost completely for that matter). 

Although they are designed to look so so pretty they are also rather practical too-- they will actually keep the baby girl's feet warm (especially during the winter months) as well as actually maintaining its design after repeated washing -- lasting up to a good year (a lot of other branded socks tend to have their bows & flowers fall off them soon after buying). Also, if you are buying them as a baby gift, they also come in a little 'shower' like gift box which is very nice too, just needs a decorated bag of some kind to fit it in.

For Baby Girls

Trumpette Mary Jane 6 Pair Box Set, Brights Assorted, 0-12 Months
Amazon Price: $26.95 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 7, 2016)
In the Mary Jane Set, you get a set of six colours (in lime green, yellow, white, red, pink & purple) that are all machine washable & can be tumble dried on a lower setting. Composed mainly with cotton (80%) as well as Nylon (17%) & the rest spandex (3%) -- all assorted in a nice git box.

Look Like Ballet Shoes

Trumpette Ballet Six Pack Baby Socks, Fits 0-12 months
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(price as of Feb 7, 2016)
The Ballet set has pretty much the exact same aspects as the Mary Jane one (the above) and comes in pairs of the following colours: black, light blue, pink, peach, yellow & green

Buying Trainer Socks for Baby Boys...

There are also a range of socks that look like shoes and sneakers (even proper converse ones) you can get for baby boys that look really cute too (which is perfect, as boys can be pretty difficult to buy for anyway). The Jazzy toes selection is very popular as they also provide a quality sock -- with an 'elasticized' ankle to ensure they stay on  -- as well as a non-skid grip sole to provide the baby lad with a bit more stability when crawling/ running/ skidding around the house.

Although they are quite expensive as socks go (especially considering they are so small as well), but they do fit so many different outfits (as they come in a range of colours) & always produce a few smiles and laughs for the adults -- so at least you will have definitely bought well, something unique yet actually practical (especially if you are getting them as a gift). Again, though be sure to do some minor investigating into the size of the socks you are buying as well as the size of the baby's feet, as they measurements tend to not always be accurate, especially with just stating a baby's age.

For Baby Boys

JazzyToes Baby Socks Sneakers Boys', 12 24 Months
Amazon Price: $27.00 $24.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 7, 2016)
This Jazzy toe set are in truth uni-sex really as they will look just as cute on girls too. It comes in a range of 6 different colours (black, brown, red, orange, blue & green).

Look Like Converse

Check out the official converse ones too, coming in a range of either white & navy or red & white - expensive considering you only get two 'booties' but they really are the cutest ones on the market. Definitely, making a baby boy the cooli-est kid on the block.

Also if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the showcase article - on baby socks that look like shoes and sneakers or about any of the range of socks on show above then please be sure to make them in the comments section just below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.