Currently there are so many varieties and styles of strollers that it can be overwhelming to determine which one to buy. When parents buy their stroller for an infant, they typically buy a travel system because it offers the convenience of putting the infant car seat in it so that you do not have to disrupt a baby' sleep. However, as your baby grows, you may be looking for something that works better for your needs and your child's need. As you search for the perfect stroller for your toddler, here are the choices that are available and some things to keep in mind:

Carriage Strollers: These strollers have a style similar to a bassinet. They generally have a wide range of recline positions, including a full recline for sleeping. They also offer deluxe comfort such as cushy seats and quilted canopies, and great suspension and steering control. They also can be very convenient with a good amount of room below for storage for a diaper bag and cup holders and other places for storing keys, sunglasses, etc. at the handle bars. The downside to these strollers are that they typically are heavier than other options.

Jogging Strollers: These stollers were designed orginally for joggers, as the higher end models offer lightweight frames, awesome suspension and three big bicycle tires so that they can be used on most surfaces for jogging and a smooth ride. The higher end models can average around $300. As these strollers became more popular, less expensive models became available, however they can be heavier to push and gives a child a more bumpy ride during jogging. A negative aspect to the jogging stoller is that many fold easily and nicely, yet they are still bulkier when folded than typical stollers. Additionally, if you are looking purchase one for jogging, most are recommended to be used once babies have more head control. As well, there can be an extra cost to purchase additional cushioning to keep babies more protected from the bouncing during a jog.

All-terrain Strollers: As jogging strollers became more popular, all-terrian strollers came about to meet the demands of parents that did not need a stoller for jogging, but wanted a stoller that could be used easily on a variety of terrians. They also offer a similar look to jogging stollers with the three big tires like a tricycle. They have decent storage and different options to keep your toddler covered during unpleasant weather conditions, such as rain shields. Depending on the model, you may want to pick one that has a swivel wheel in the front. Some have a locked wheel which makes moving the stroller around more difficult and requires you to lift the front of the stoller in order to turn.

Umbrella Strollers: These strollers are the best choice if your are looking for one that is extremely lightweight and folds compactly. The original umbrella stroller is the least expensive option, going for about $19-$25. Some stores even offer a free umbrella stoller as a bonus to spending a certain amount of money on other baby related items in their store. A downfall to the original umbrella stroller is that it cannot be used for a child that is not yet sitting. Additionally, since these stollers are smaller than others the storage underneath is very limited. However, over the past few years umbrella strollers have had a make-over. Unlike the original, some can be found that recline, offer better manuvering and plusher seating. The reclining feature allows it to be used for babies. Also additional items like rain covers, foot muffs, or storage accessories can be purchased separately. As a result of these additonal features, these higher-end umbrella strollers can be average around $200.

There are many different options when picking a strollers. It can be helpful to think about which features are most important to you and what you would be using your stroller for the majority of the time. This can be helpful in detering you from purchasing one that looks fancy but does not meet your every day needs. Many kids still use a stroller at 3 or even 4 for breaks if the amount of walking is long, so you also want to think about what will serve your needs over time. So take some time to think about it and don't be afraid to test a few at your local store. Taking all of these things into consideration will allow you to make the best choice for you and your child.