If you are the proud parents of twins, double strollers are the best option for active families who are on the move. Twin strollers are necessary when you have places to go and things to do with more than one child. When deciding on what type of model is the best baby stroller for twins, it is important to ask yourself what are the types of day-to-day activities you will be involved in.

As they are also a relatively expensive purchase, you will want to gather as many facts as possible before the time comes to make your choice. Today's strollers are built to last until your twins are at least 3 years old, so you will be potentially be stuck with the stroller that you choose for an extended period of time.

While some models of strollers for twins may be especially designed for jogging, other strollers might be designed in a more compact fashion for an urban lifestyle where you may need to push the stroller through narrow sidewalks or other tight spaces. Some strollers have three wheels while others are four-wheeled. Some are built for heavy duty use, while others are more compact and made for everyday lightweight use. When you are comparison shopping for the right type of twin strollers, it is essential to consider how well their design is adapted to yours and your child's specific needs.

Considering activities from carrying along diaper bags and accessories to making room for packages and purchases, storage is also an essential aspect to think about as you are comparing various strollers for twins. If you think that you will be using your stroller heavily, you will want to make sure that the stroller has a rugged, sturdy frame with ample storage options.

A tandem stroller is configured with two seats that are positioned with one seat in front of the other. A double stroller is configured with the two seats set up alongside of each other. There are numerous advantages to each of these types of strollers for twins, as well as disadvantages that may be taken into consideration before deciding on one type or the other.

Tandem stroller models seem to be more appropriate for use with a baby and a larger sibling. With the majority of these double seated stroller models, the seat in the back is capable of fully reclining, which is well-suited use with a newborn, while the older brother or sister can enjoy a view of the scenery from the front seat and still have plenty of leg room.

Side-by-side strollers for twins will always be more difficult and awkward to push while walking through crowded malls or streets, as they are of course, wider than the tandem stroller versions. It is worth noting however, that todays well designed side-by-side strollers have been built to be as narrow and easy to steer as possible. Due to challenges of pushing such a stroller, it is probably better to use this type with twins or when transporting two children who are roughly the same size or weight.

By taking some of these factors into consideration, you will be able to put a bit more thought into deciding on some of the most important factors when shopping for the most appropriate stroller to purchase.