Baby swaddling is one of the essential tools that will help keep your sanity when your baby just won't settle down. Swaddling helps your baby feel secure as it simulates the space your baby was accustomed to in the womb. It only takes a few simple steps to make a good Swaddle so grab your baby's swaddle blanket!

Things You Will Need

Baby Swaddle Blanket


Step 1

Baby Swaddle Blanket Open (36923)Choose a swaddle blanket that is about twice as long as your baby. The bigger the swaddle blanket, the easier it will be to use it as a swaddle for your baby.

Step 2

Baby Swaddle Blanket Folded (36924)Fold the swaddle blanket in half diagonally. The blanket should now be in the shape of a triangle.

Step 3

Baby Swaddle Blanket with Child (36925)Lay your baby down on the swaddle blanket with her head at the middle of the longest side. Her shoulders should be parallel and right at the edge of the longest side of the blanket.

Step 4

Baby Swaddle Blanket Right (36926)Bring the corner closest to your baby's right hand towards the left hip of your baby, tucking the right arm in the blanket. Make sure you tuck the leading edge of the swaddle blanket behind her back so that it is nice and snug.

Step 5

Baby Swaddle Blanket Bottom (36927)Bring the bottom corner of the swaddle blanket under your baby's chin. The portion of the blanket cradling your baby's feet can be loose so that she has space to kick around.

Step 6

Baby Swaddle Blanket Final (36928)Bring the corner closest to your baby's left hand towards the right hip of your baby tucking her left arm in the blanket. The swaddle blanket should be able to wrap around your baby's stomach area. Make sure it is nice and snug as well.
Tuck the end of the Swaddle blanket inside the pocket created when you folded the last corner. This will hold the Swaddle securely in place.

Tips & Warnings

There are baby Swaddle blankets in the market which utilize Velcro to make it easier for the parents to swaddle their babies. You may want to look into these as it helped us a lot with our babies.

It is important to restrict the movement of the arms when snuggling as this minimizes the startling reflex of the baby.

Stop swaddling your baby once they start rolling over to avoid suffocation.

Always put your baby on her back to sleep. This minimizes the probability of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (SIDS)

Don't forget to sleep when your baby falls asleep. You will need all the rest you can get!!!