Trying to find just the right gift for that baby shower you are invited to, or even just something very special to celebrate your own baby, doesn’t have to be yet another sleeper, blanket, knitted hat or something else they will grow out of.

Remembering these special times can be done in many ways, especially with the first milestones such as teeth, walking and first words.  But what about something that celebrates the actual baby time capsuleCredit: morguefile.comday they were born?  Something that can be put away for years and then revisited when they turn 16 or 18? Baby time capsules are a brilliant idea.  They are intended to be put away and preserved for years.

Baby Time Capsule Setup – You certainly don’t have to buy anything if doing this for yourself, but if you are giving this for a gift, there are kits you can purchase with many suggestions inside for what to put in your tin.  There are many ideas of things to put in this capsule that celebrate the birth, such as their baby bracelet from the hospital or a lock of hair or the birth announcement from the paper.

But why not add many other things that are going on in the world around them?  This has become quite a popular gift idea and hobby for new parents.  You could include baby things but also some news of that day or the price of gas or a gallon of milk or what the cars on the road were?  What the weather was like or handwritten notes from friends and family that were around for their special day.  If there are older grandparents or great grandparents, they could put a special note inside as they may not be around when that child grows up and it would be nice to read their thoughts from that day.

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This is then sealed and put away for when they become a certain age, such as 16 or 18 or even older.  It would be great to haul it out if they are about to leave for university or college or getting married.  Things in life change so much each year, we don’t realize just how much things have changed until we sit down and open this baby time capsule.  You could include coins from that year, or anything you like.  It is your special place in time and makes it stand still.  This also makes a great gift idea.

It can be a great family tradition and a way to keep special things from that time in their life.  You now grown baby can remember and read about all the things that were going on around them when they were born.  Maybe you had written a letter to them as you looked down at their newborn faces.  This is a priceless gift for them.

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Gift Packages of Time Capsules

If you are giving this as a gift for a baby shower or for a friend, you can purchase these gift sets that have actual instructions and suggestions and are filled with cards and stickers and notes to be filled out. 

Since many new babies seem to get lots of clothes and toys, this would be something a little different that the family could work on together after the birth.  If you give this as a shower gift, it is something that could start to be used right away.  Wouldn’t it be nice for their grown child to see pictures and find out who was at their mothers shower years later?

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Letters to Baby

Another idea or to have in addition to the capsule, would be letters to baby.  These pages have prompts to ask the new parents what their thoughts are, their hopes and dreams.  They can be continued during babies first years or can keep going, like a diary being written just for them from the parent’s point of view.  These can be stored and looked at later or given to them when they leave home and start their own families.

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Baby Imprint

Another great gift idea or for your own child is to take an imprint.  These kits allow you to take an imprint of their feet or hands that will keep forever.  This kit also includes a pendant.  This could be added to the capsule or kept separate.

Pictures and scrapbooks – These have been put together for years, and are still a brilliant idea, but I really love the idea of something more “3D” by tucking away trinkets and keepsakes from that day.  You can use the albums and scrapbooks to be looked at all the time, but keep the sealed container for later.

It is like making time stand still until it is opened later.  Just don’t hide it too well, or you may never find it again, and don’t forget to take you time capsule with you when you move.  No peaking either, it is meant to be a special day when it gets opened.  You could find a great keepsake box to keep your memories in.

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Keepsake Box

 Keeping all these special things in one spot makes it easier later in life when trying to find them all.  You could just get a metal box or plastic storage tub and label it, or you can also get specialized keepsake boxes that will store photos and notes and more for years to come instead of that top drawer in your dresser.

Open the Window and Let Your Child Peek Back to Their Beginnings.

Keepsakes are meant to be looked at, but the baby time capsule is a brilliant way to open the window to the past for your child and makes a priceless gift for them.  

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