baby on board stickers

Baby on board Stickers, a Waste of Money or Are They Useful?

A lot of parents have a sticker attached to the windows of their car with the message baby on board. The aim is to warn all the crazy drivers out there that they should leave their crazy antics at home and drive carefully. At times you even see the stickers on cars with no baby in sight. That might just be because the parents forgot to take down the signs or the baby has not yet arrived (waiting for birth). Baby on board stickers are not that expensive but are they really worth the money?

Baby on board stickers a waste of money?

Well, a lot of people do not respect traffic rules. That does not mean that traffic rules are useless and not worth the effort. That is not to say that baby on board stickers are rules. They are just reminders for everyone to drive with care. The other issue is that when drivers see baby on board sticker on a car, the driver drives slowly to see if there is really a baby on board. The driver slows down out of curiosity to take a peek and say, 'oh how cute'.

What if you still have the baby on board sticker but you children are no longer babies. If your children are no longer babies, that is no excuse for others to drive like lunatics. If you have the baby on board sticker and your children behave like angels, other drivers might actually respect the sign. However, if your children are the type that will stick the middle finger to other drivers, your baby on board sticker will not do much good. Baby on board stickers are not a waste of money and can help to serve as a warning to other drivers. If you are unable to convince the whole world, you might be able to save just a few.

Are baby on board stickers useful?

If you drive like a normal person should drive, not only will your baby on board sticker be useful but other will probably learn from you. If you drive like a lunatic and expect everyone to drive carefully, you might as well remove your baby on board sticker. There are parents who are stressed because the baby will not stop crying and they are late for work. They at times forget that they have a baby in their car. They zigzag through traffic hoping to get to the day care on time and at the same time arrive early at work. That will be considered double standard. You will be better off removing your baby on board sticker and go ahead losing your mind and scaring other road users.

Which baby on board stick is the best to buy?

The price range for baby on board stickers is $5 to $10. The best to buy are the ones that can be also used as sun protection. They are bigger and can be attached to side windows or rear shield. The other black on yellow baby on board stickers are smaller and can be used on side windows or at the rear of the car. If you don't have a baby, you can still buy the baby on board sticker just for laughs. It will not be deceitful if your notion of baby on board is a pretty blonde baby in a tight little black dress. The main idea is to drive carefully and safely.