Soothe Baby teething

A gummy smile from a baby brings incomparable joy to parents, instantly illuminating a room. And just like when you look forward to the baby’s first words, you also look forward to the first signs of your baby’s first tooth. But for many parents, baby teething may not turn out to be a sweet experience all throughout.

 There are no defined patterns as to when a baby should start teething, as well as how long the process is, and how painful it will be. For some babies, it happens overnight, while for others, it takes many days. There are even records of babies being born already with teeth. There are also babies who show teething signs late into their first year. This is why baby teething, in general, comes as a confusing stage for a lot of parents.


According to scientific studies, the teething process is hereditary. This means that if the parents teethed early when they were babies, it is more than likely that their child will teeth early. The earlier babies teeth, the better, because most babies start feeding on solid food on their fourth month.

There are various options available these days that are used to ease the pain babies go through during the teething period. One of the favorites is a baby Teether Toy.  These toys made for teething are hygienic and safe, especially made for the baby’s soft gums. These toys are sturdy, and can withstand bites and tears for a long time.

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There are three kinds of baby teething toys. The soft kind is recommended for babies from 3 months to 8 months and those that do not have teeth out yet. The teething toys also come in different shapes and colors that make them attractive to babies. There are also teethers that are carefully designed to emit sounds that soothe the baby. The best thing about the teether toys is that they help soothe the itch, pain and discomfort felt by babies as their teeth come out of their gums.

There are also teething toys that are well designed to cool the baby’s gums to help soothe their discomfort. The teether is filled with safe and sterilized water, which can then be put in the fridge to be chilled. Most babies love chewing on this kind of teether because of the coldness, as most inflamed gums are hot and uncomfortable.

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For babies whose teeth are already out, experts recommend teething rings. These rings are tougher than the other kinds, and are designed so that the baby can bite them. Typically made of silicone, the teething rings are safe for babies. Some are lightweight and easy to hold, while there are teething rings that are designed with a small device that provides massaging action.


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There are huge selections of teething products in the market today. You can even search online and check out websites that carry many different brands and designs. Because teething toys are for your beloved baby, it is highly recommended that you choose the ones that would provide them the best comfort. Double check the materials used for the toys prior to purchasing, and that there are no harmful parts or toxic paint that could affect your baby’s health. Before giving them to your baby, sterilize the toys for three minutes in a safe sterilizer, and keep them in a clean container and in the fridge when not in use.