It's about that time!

Do you love kids and want to start your own business? Is the commute to and from work causing to miss out on quality time with your own child? Have you babysat in the past and fell in love with it? Well, it is time to return to babysitting. Baby sitting can be fulfilling not just to the children but to the Babysitter as well. Whether you are interested in in-home or on-call, whether you are a middle aged adult or a teenager staying in your moms house, you can start in this field. Follow the steps below.

Plan and Prepare - Get serious about your babysitting career and take action. Start by seeking out your county or state agencies and websites for "licensing for in home childcare" they will connect you with local agencies that will educate you on rules, regulations, and the steps that you need to take in getting your license. Keep in mind that not every state will require a license for babysitting but it is your responsibility to check.

After you get a feel of how to operate legally write down your plans for your business. Where will you operate your business. If you are a teenager and you want to babysit in your mom and dads house, ask for permission. Maybe they could allow you to use the basement. If you are an adult, you could babysit in your house, apartment or condo.

Get creative about your business name - Come up with something cute and unique for your business name. For assistance with good ideas, go online and do a domain name search (ie. When you type in a possible name, at the bottom of the search results page should be additional domain name ideas generated by the website. Look through to see if you can come up with a couple possibilities. Even if you are not going to actually create a website and purchase a domain name right now you can use the domain name search for new ideas. If you do find an available domain name that compliments your business why not reserve it for the future?

Create your price list. How much you will charge for infants, toddlers, and school aged children per week? Write down how much you will charge for late fees, extended stays (if any) and meals. If you do not want to charge for meals make sure you incorporate food charges in the price. Later if you decide to pursue child care food assistance programs from your state you can reduce or eliminate the price for meals. Are you going to offer a discount for more than one child? Do you offer transportation? Do you help with homework? Write down all your services as well as extra fees (if any).

Create Parent handouts - Tell parents what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. It's is OK to verbally express your wishes to them but make sure you have something on paper that backs up everything you said. That way there are no misunderstandings and you can keep proper records. Create a contact form with parent and child's information. There are down-loadable sample forms online for attendance, accidental, legal, medication, alternative nutrition forms, boo boo reports and more. For more information on forms do a Google search for "free childcare forms". You will see plenty of websites offering this for free online. I found to be helpful with this. Go to her site then the "forms" button.

Set up your babysitting pad - Go to the dollar store and get stocked up on baby wipes, first aid supplies, toys, games, kids movies and music, blankets for nap time and cleaning supplies. Get fully stocked on juice, lunch meat and snacks, etc. Or get family to donate items.

Advertise - Now you are just about ready to get out there and get some babies! Get your free business cards from, print out some fliers at kinkos or your local print shop and pass them out in your neighborhood. Go to a craft store and get signage material like an 18 x 24 yellow chloroplast board and make a sign that says something like "In home daycare, Quality care at a reasonable price" or whatever you want it to say and place it in a friends yard who stays on a busy nearby street. Get on your facebook and post your babysitting service on your wall, tweet it, email it, digg it! What ever resources you have to promote your new babysitting service will help.

Remember to be creative and think outside the box. You must work hard and stay persistent if you want your business to grow and be successful. With that said, Good luck and God Bless!