The sun is finally out and the weather is warm so what better way to spend your day babysitting then in the backyard playing games.  Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with the clients that you babysit. There are a lot of fun activities that you as a babysitter can do with your charges in the backyard.

Having a backyard makes the ideas for  babysitting activities you can do outside endless.  One such thing is to simply play the games you would play inside outside. If you are playing games such as “house” or “doctor”, these games can very simply be played outside. Just make up situations and scenarios for acting out these roles in the backyard. One such water activity you can do in the backyard is to set up a sprinkler and have the kids run through it. Kids love playing in water and all you need is a sprinkler, a hose, and some water. Just make sure the kids are in their swimsuits or old clothes and let them have at it. They will have fun in the water and will also probably wear off some energy so they may even want to take a nap later which is an added bonus for the babysitter! You can incorporate the sprinkler into games such as tag and competitions such as who can stay in the water the longest. If you have just a little creativity, sprinklers can be an all day activity.

Outdoor activities

Simple things such as blowing bubbles are also super easy and very entertaining for children. If you can get your hands on some bubbles and different size wands you can have fun friendly competitions for the biggest bubble, oddest shaped bubble, who can blow their bubble the farthest, etc. Blowing bubbles is very easy to organize and usually goes over well with babysitting clients.

If you happen to have a sidewalk or cement slab, sidewalk chalk is always entertaining. With sidewalk chalk you can draw pictures, set up a maze, make hopscotch courses, etc. The possibility a babysitter has with sidewalk chalk is endless. Kids love to draw on cement and it will keep them entertained for quite some time. The best part is that cleanup is super easy as all you need to do is wait for it to rain or wash it off with a hose.

Backyard Activites

Another fun thing to do with your babysitting charges would be to have a picnic lunch or snack out there. Just find an old blanket or tablecloth and spread it out on the ground. Now all you need is some lemonade and some snacks and you can have a nice outdoor picnic. For some reason, kids usually find it a lot cooler to sit outside and eat then to eat at the dinner table, so they will love this!

With all these outdoor activities that are at your fingertips, a babysitter should be able to find some fun things to do that involve the outdoors. However it is very important to take precautions if you are going to be out in the sun all afternoon. Be sure that you apply sunscreen liberally and often to the children and yourself to help prevent sunburns.  It is also very important to make sure you and your babysitting charges are well hydrated when you are out in the sun, so make sure you have beverages handy. Keep in mind, it may also be necessary for you to use insect repellant as well, if the bugs get too bad.

Reading Outside

Whether it is simple games in the backyard or going to the beach, the summer is one of the most fun times a babysitter can have with their charges outside. Don’t’ be afraid to be creative with ideas for outdoor activities, as more than likely, the children will have a great time doing whatever it is you come up with.