When we talk about Bach Flowers, we are referring to the 38 natural essences extracted from flowers in the region Wales, Great Britain. Their healing properties were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach between the years 1924 and 1936, these are the essences used in a Bach Flower therapy, a therapy aimed to help with emotions.

Dr. Edward Bach was a doctor, bacteriologist, researches and homeopathic medicine practitioner. He found in floral remedies a great form of therapy with a great degree of effectiveness. He is deemed as the founder of flower therapies.

Dr. Bach defined sickness as an emotional balance taking place inside the body of the living being. If this imbalance remained untreated for a long time, it will manifest as sickness in the physical body. In a letter sent to a colleague, Bach defined this as:

"Disease is a kind of consolidation of a mental attitude and it is only necessary to treat the mood of a patient and the disease will disappear."

Each one of the Bach flower essences helps dealing with an emotional problem. They are also used in combination to treat problems such as tress and different kinds of fears.

Who Can Take Bach Flower in Therapy?

Anyone can make use of these Bach Flowers, they do not have any effect on other therapies or medicines, and they have no side effects, making them a safe alternative for children, babies and pregnant and lactating women, and elder people. Some practitioners recommend flower therapy to babies to help them get accustomed to their new environment.

For the Bach Flower therapy, essences have been divided in 7 groups, according to the emotions the have an incidence on. This division is also helpful for practitioners to treat some of the common problems in patients.

To begin your therapy you can go get the help of a specialist, or well, you can start auto-treatment, it's quite easy. The only requisite to have success is to not have emotive resistance and be aware of your emotions, so you can determine well which essences will work well on your case.

If you plan to use this therapy to treat other people, you should first follow a training for this case, because you need more the sheer enthusiasm to help others. You have to learn to listen to the problems of other people and learn how to interpret what they do or say in order to give the appropriate essence.